Lamchawa by D. R. Michael Buam Book Review

Another weekend! Another Gift! I got to read a novel by D. R. Michael Buam who is an author from the North-East region of India, one of the most beautiful parts. His novel, Lamchwa, is based on the life of an energetic young man of determination. And in fact, the title is also set on the name of same young man. Lamchwa is a person who has seen many tragedies in his childhood and after the death of his father, the desire of getting educated only rested somewhere deep in him. Nevertheless, he does not let his younger brother and sister remain uneducated. And Lamchwa understands the importance of education very well. These lines spoken by him very well express his character: Lamchwa helped and supported his sister for studies as she wanted to become a nurse. Also, he supported his brother for higher studies. The reason behind all these was only Lamchwa’s hard work itself! While supporting his brother and sister he keeps on working as a labour and after a hard work he got higher position and worked as a supervisor. He also didn’t let his mother suffer in the situation and made sure that she had not to work. Kiang, was a well known rich person of the area and he was impressed by Lamchwa’s work. He approached and took him as a manager in his shop. Then Lamchwa did not look back, his luck started giving him happiness. Marya, the daughter of Kiang was impressed by Lamchwa as well as he saved the lives of Kiang d Marya. He had become the closest one for Kiang and they were treating his as their family member. In the mean time, Marya fall in love with Lamchwa, and she wanted to express her feelings through a letter but she could not do so. Later on Marya got to know that Lamchwa considers her as a younger sister only and nothing else as she feels for him. She accepts the truth and got a life partner, he was a doctor who saved the life of Lamchwa when he was suffering from cancer. For the first time I got to read a contemporary novel from an Indian author.

Cover Page of the Book

The simplicity of this book is its best part that I am sure everyone will enjoy it and it will keep the readers grip till the end. While reading, you will feel yourself very closed to the characters. The story and theme of the book is very simple. A will person’s life has been explained very well and how Lamchwa gets over the situation is its best part! The book will surely take you to the time of 90s. There is nature; there are simple human beings; there is love and also, there is the tiny bit of an evil character as well. D R Michael Buam has done a great job! You can finish the reading in just one day and I am sure you won’t like to take any break while reading it since it will keep you connected with Lamchwa. 
You can buy the book Lamchwa using this link:

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