Hide and Seek book Review | Literaturepress

Book: Hide and Seek
Author: S k Sharma
Publisher: Notion Press, 2018

The girl is crying

Her mother is consoling

This tearful episode would continue

Till another twist

Starting my review with these beautiful lines by author Suman Sharma. Yes, I caught these lines from his latest poetry collection “Hide & Seek: Random reflections and encounters of a wandering mind”. I got the opportunity to review this book from the author himself.  Though they are mostly free verse as this is a very big collection of poems, the poems hop between various forms from one entry to the next. Dynamic in nature, many spread words across the entire page, many of few lines, giving the sense of a whirling, omnipresent voice speaking poetic truths. On the other hand, the poems veer farther from the convention. The poem “Pleasure in Pain” has a deep meaning and is true.

The author always feels all-knowing but is somehow also capable of being anyone. Although the book is dedicated to the object of the author’s affection and largely focused on their relationship, the nature of that relationship is unclear. While reading you will feel yourself in most of the poems. The book has around 287 pages containing 106 poems. So for sure, you have enough to read this week. Here, the author opens himself to share his perception and interpretations with his readers on general life and random emotions. Through rhyming verses and acute expressions, the words flow as the author ponders on Love, on Hope and the capricious ways of Life in general.

Fateful night

Slept in his lap

No tossing

No dreams

No sound

It was fascinating to glimpse into the poet’s perception and view the World through his eyes. It happens when you read poetry, you start observing the things from the poet’s point of view. And I think that is the true success of a poet is he/she is able to do so. This, Suman Sharma has done it for us in Hide & Seek. This is one of the best poetry collection I have ever come across.

I enjoyed the author’s take on different topics and emotions. According to the author “Hiding a truth is another form of a lie that may not be harmful. Hide and Seek amplified accidental plain game in lovers. Nude and Tattoo aptly describe our hidden personality.” On the other hand, when the author talks about Seek he writes “What we really seek in life is love, the essence and building block of relationships. There is no hiding in love. A true love bare and has to be devoid of deception”

I totally agree with both the points of the author on “Hide” and “Seek”. He has well defined these two terms which we daily used in our life.

My Review: I will give 4/5 to Suman Sharma for this collection. I felt amazing after reading the book and yes, the title reminds me of my childhood day’s favourite game “Hide and Seek” which is used to play with my friends. I am going to share this book with them. Hope they will recall those unforgettable moments! The book could do great if it would have some lesser number of pages because some lazy readers may find uneasy to read it. However, if you are true poetry loves, this is going to be the best read ever!

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