Book Review: A Day for Myself by Bharati Nayak

Author: Bharati Nayak

Genre: Poetry                                                         

Order Here: Amazon Link

Publisher: Authorpress, 2018

A beautiful collection of poems by Bharti Nayak

The concept by Bharti Nayak in “A Day for Myself” poetry is a distinctive and an exclusive work of art. It is a brilliant attempt to discover the concept of “A day for myself” poetry. This collection of poetries brings out the curiosity of study and her life experiences and existence in this universe—and beyond it.

Be it young or an old, Bharti’s latest poem “A Day for Myself” will definitely be enjoyed. After the success of her first book “Words Are Such Perfect Traitors,” this is the second book by the author. The cover, the blurb and the overall impression of the prose are simple yet inspiring. Bharti has done really a great job with her second poetry and very much in her expertized genre. The author’s second book is very much appreciated in the world of English poetry writing; because of her class in writing, a number of renowned writing lovers have apprised her poem. Apart from that, the readers have shown a great response to her book “A day for myself” published by Authorspress in India. This is a poetry which mainly features love, relationships, and betrayal, eventually.

Bharti Nayak is an Indian poetess from a beautiful city Cuttack of the state Odisha. She is loved by all because of her polite, cooperative, simple and affectionate nature and also applauded due to excellence in poetry cum critic of this age. I know her for a long time and have also been following her. In my work experience, I have read and reviewed many poems. Her tender, brilliant and beautiful poems reflect her personality as she carries affection supportive nature, high ambition elegance, intelligence, confidence, gentleness, and loyalty. She can be considered as one of the legendary poetesses of this time. She writes poems about life, society, love, nature, education, culture, and a lot more.

I am truly amazed finding philosophical essence in many of her poems. As per my opinion, these poems carry deep inner messages for our current society, and can definitely be a turning stone for its progress. Among her poems, I quote a few lines:

A Poem from My Daughter
I won’t read your poems
Sulked my teenage daughter
Why your poems
Tell only of unhappiness
Have you not felt
Our love for you?

What an amazing poetess and what beautiful meaning these lines carry! I just read a poem for my daughter and I was completely stunned and captivated into the lines narrated by her. As if I was there at the moment of waiting, wow!!! The ending of the poem makes me dumbstruck. It must have been one of the most perfect endings to a poem, which I have ever read in my entire carrier span. Bravo my friend! Bravo!!

The author’s ultimate goal is to reflect on love, hope and peace and help the readers in their constant search for it. Her simple yet striking expressions that originates from her astute observations and vivid imagination makes “A Day with Myself” a book of poems that I would definitely recommend to any reader of this genre, more specifically to those beginning into the genre, like myself, who will be easily able to foray into the beautiful poetic world through this diverse, enchanting expression.

My Review: In this poetry, I did not find any negative marks throughout my reading so I will surely rate 4 stars out of 5 to this amazing collection. I personally suggest all the poetry readers and the poets as well to give a try to this collection “A Day for Myself” by Bharti Nayak. You can enjoy it in just one or two sittings and it will leave a sweet smile on your face for sure. Happy Reading, Readers!

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