Book Review of Karma by Mehul Kaku

KARMA – Just the utterance of this word makes one shudder leading them to rethink all their past actions lest Karma would hit back.

So is this story too just one of them which shows us the darker side of Karma or maybe something better awaits  us?

The story unfolds the friendship of two colleagues named Monty and Parth who tries to manage their dreams, love lives and the corporate world all at the same time only to realize that we shouldn’t bite more than we can chew.

Just when you feel everything is going all smooth and easy, Monty hits on a low note in life with his sudden depression and that’s where the story takes on a different turn.

Unlike most youth stories that circles only around love and career, this had a twist to offer in the end which drew my attention all the more.

The characters were well portrayed and I could picturize  each of them vividly yet a little more insight into their backgrounds would have been greatly appreciated.

The author has very skillfully coined a wonderful title for the book as it not only draws one’s attention to it but also completely justifies itself with the book.

What I really like about the book is it’s excellent content.It made sure that the readers  become all the more curious in turning the pages  and stay hooked on till the very end.The author also managed to add a little bit of humor in the story wherever he could and it worked in his favor.

Kudos to the way the author highlighted the strong bond that Monty and Parth  shared which made  them work selflessly, towards a common goal as a team.It would make one believe in friendship once again.The other two characters Mohi and Kshama were also equally likable.

The narration could have been a bit better but it was compensated by the well built plot.

The language and the grammer part was  simple and easily understandable for the readers.

All in all, it is definitely a must read for anyone who wants a mix of romance, ambitions , life, uncertainty and all of this with a whole lot of twist which would only uncover in the end.

So read and find out if Karma decided to exercise her sinful powers or shower her love as a sweet friend and also why she chose to become what she became.

Book Title :  4/5

Book Cover :  3.5/5

Plot : 4/5

Characters :  3.5/5

Narration :   3.5/5

Language & Grammer :  3.5/5

Final Rating :   3.5/5

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