Book Review: Daria-E-Ehsaas by Manisha Yadava

Kuch iss tarah se jiyun,

Ae khuda mai apni zindagi,

 ke najare par,

Har Aankh mein aanshu ho,

Aur jab bhi jikar aaye mera,

To apne lafzon pen a kaabu ho

After the great success of “Mere Khayal”, recently Maisha Yadava has got her second poetry collection released. The title is “Daria-E-Ehsaas”. From the title itself, we may guess that it is much in the same genre as her previous one. Yes, there are a lot more new things and topics which Manisha has cover in her new collection. We, at Criticspace, are very happy to review this one too. Hindi poetry is like a tradition on Indian literature and without it, we cannot imagine the literary world. The poets like Manisha Yadava are at their best these days by delivering continuously amazing Hindi poems. Readers are enjoying the poems very much.

Manisha’s poems are beautiful reflections of love, happiness, and delicacies of life. Her poems are beneficial for the society as well as enjoyable for an individual and her outstanding contribution to the Indian literature is worthy of praise. Each of her poems is simple, specific and beautifully crafted. We can easily feel her efforts behind writing the poetry at a certain topic. How can we not enjoy the poetry straight from the gentle, soothing, wise soul of Manisha?

Jaane kab zindagi ki daud mein,

Andar ki insaaniyat mar gayi,

Ek maa ke aanchal se chheen uska laal,

Ushki aankhon mein aansuon ke sailaab bhar gayi,

Kal tak jiske atkheliyon se,

Khilti thi jo,

Aaj uske naa khatm hone vale intezaar,

Se hil gayi.

What an amazing poetess, I just read a poem “Insaaniyat” I was totally captivated and pulled into the poem as if I was there at the moment of writing, wow !! The ending of the poem is one of the most perfect endings to a poem I have ever read, bravo Manisha bravo!!!

If it were up to me to describe Manisha, I would call her one of the best woman and a poet. Her poems show a majestic sense of simplicity and can be sung. Recently we got a chance to read and review this book and we have always felt a beautiful sensation, happiness in her poems. In short, sweet, splendid, and sublime – these are the adjectives that best suit Manisha Yadava’s poetry. If you read her poem once, you shall be back for more.

Manisha has won many awards for her poetries and she is also very much active in social media. That is also a good reason for her social connectivity among readers. She not just write the book for her readers but also let them know about their poet and her work.

Final Verdict: We shall surely go for 4.5/5 for this mesmerizing collection of Hindi poems by Manisha Yadava. Daria-E-Ehsaas is a must read for Hindi poetry lovers. Waiting for the many more poetries from Manisha.

Book Title: 4/5

Book cover: 4

Inside the book: 4/5

Final Rating: 4/5

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