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Book Review: Mylifeline II by Sevak

Book Title

The title of the book indicates that it is a perfect sequel to the author’s first book #Mylifeline – Part I. It also evokes a similar curiosity among the readers just like his first book.

Book cover

This one too illustrates a man standing on a mountain top in the wake of the dawn but unlike his first book, this depicts a man who seems to be in a mood of contemplation rather than in victory.


The first book introduced us to the two protagonists of this book named Nishaan and Shikha and how they managed to overcome all the struggles which came in the way of their love and life.

This one delves deeper into the other aspects of their life  such as  job, family, ambitions, disappointments, expectations and many more paraphernalia of daily lives.

In life, we often tend to get tangled in balancing between the various aspects and that is when myriad of difficulties sprang up in our minds leading to depression and making us feel low.

We can either succumb to all the pressure and give up or we can keep the faith in ourselves and emerge as a winner. That is exactly what the book talks about.

It depicts the story of two individuals who are just like us dealing with the humdrum of daily life but manages to get through all its hardships in the end.

What I like

The fact that they didn’t lose hope despite all the difficult circumstances and the way they dealt with  their rough times  together with a never die spirit is what I loved the most in this book.


What I missed in the first book was compensated in this one. The characters evolved more in this one and the way they handled their struggles despite all the blows proclaimed  how one matures over time. There is a lot one can learn from the two protagonists of this book.


The narration like the first book was crisp and clear thus making it  helpful for the readers to understand the author’s point of view.

Language & Grammer

Just like the narration, the language too is quite plain and simple making  comprehension of the author’s mind easy for the readers.

My Final Verdict

I would definitely suggest this book to anyone who is going through a rough patch in life and needs a little push to get going.

All in all, this book too like the first one is a highly motivating story of hope and determination which we often lack.

So it is a good read for anyone who wants a little encouragement and a whole lot of optimism.

Book Title :  3.5/5

Book Cover :  4/5

Plot : 3.5/5

Characters :  4/5


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