Interview with: Chirasree Bose

Interview: Welcome to literaturepress, Chirasree. I recently finished reading this book last week and it was just amazing. How did you decide such a strong storyline?

Chirasree: Thank you. I am glad to know that you liked the book. Honestly, the story came to me on its own. Like I have always said, it chose me to come to the world. And, I am extremely happy that it did. If not for anything else then just for the message it conveys.

Interview: When you actually started writing this book and how much time did you take to finish it? The book is having around 98 pages but I feel, you might have gone through many days thinking about the concept, connection of characters and all. Can you please tell us how was your experience of writing this debut book?

Chirasree: The plot had been in my head for a long, long time. However, I started writing only in January this year. It took me a month to write down the story. The experience rather the journey of writing it had been amazing. Spreeha is one of my most favorite characters I have ever created. There is a reason for it being so short i.e. just 98 pages long. I wish to talk about it someday.

Interview: The title seems perfect as per the concept and storyline. However, did you have other options for the title at the time when you were finalizing about it? Please let us, how it actually came out as “Done With Her”?

Chirasree: ‘Done With Her’ is the first ever title that occurred to me. I was writing a particular line towards the end of the story when suddenly it came to me. And it just seemed apt. I did not even rack my brain for another title. Because this was the one for my story. I knew it.

Interview: What are your views on current novel writing in India? Do you feel that it needs a certain change or improvement as per the international standards? Or, do you think nowadays Indian writers are also setting milestones in the literature world?

Chirasree: Indian writers are indeed setting milestones in the literature world. But I believe we still do not get as much recognition as we deserve. Our country should encourage its authors (especially new ones) more and more through genuine awards, screen adaptations, etc.

Interview: How did you maintain the suspense and secret to loom throughout the book and expose it only at the end? This was remarkable the way you have kept the story intriguingly moving… 

Chirasree: Thank you for the kind words. Frankly speaking, I knew I had to. Because that’s the essence of every thriller. Also, reading a lot of suspense thrillers helped me scheme out the plot.

Interview: What are your personal views on the character of Spreeha? How exactly it happened that Spreeha came to exist on the pages?  

Chirasree: I have been enthralled by this character myself ever since I started writing the story. She’s the strongest of all women characters I’ve ever created as a writer. In fact, the idea of this character came to me a lot before the actual plot.

Interview: Since your novel implicitly underlines the love and lust in the novel, I would like to know your views on the same.

Chirasree: My views precisely align with the lines of this novel. I genuinely believe that lust should be contained as much as possible. It should never be lumped together with love.

Interview: Is this novel a complete fiction or any real-life event have inspired to write this? I am asking this because it seems so realistic.

Chirasree: I would say a number of real-life events have inspired this story. Because, of course, the plot is entirely dependent upon a heinous phenomenon. Hundreds of men and women fall victim to it every year in our country. And yet, how many of us talk about it? I am happy that this story touches upon this subject.

Interview: What is the best thing that you would like to tell the readers about your book? What makes this novel different from the other ones in the crime thriller genre?

Chirasree: The message it has to convey, of course. Crime Thrillers usually do not aim at delivering a message to the readers. ‘Done With Her…’ does. That’s the USP of this book.

Interview: Do you have any hints for the readers about the next books? Are you writing other books in the same genre?

Chirasree: I am writing a novel at present. However, it may not be a thriller this time. That’s all I would say now.

Interview: I have observed you are doing lots of promotional activities and interaction with the readers on social media. These days authors write the book and after a week or so they forget about their book and then gets disappointed. What are your suggestions for those new authors regarding promotion of books?

Chirasree: I do not understand how an author can forget about their own creation. ‘Done With Her..’ is the most precious thing to have happened to me this year. And it would always remain this way as it is my debut book. Hence, I do not shy away from promoting it and talking about it on social media platforms.

Congratulations for “Done With Her” and the best wishes all other works to come, Chirasree! Thanks for your time and the answers to my questions!

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