Book Review: The Mind Game by Devika Das

Know Devika Das:  Author Devika Das believes  ‘Work is Fun’; after switching several profiles in her professional journey, she is finally satisfied with the profile of Content Writing (currently has 3 years of relevant experience). Her hobbies include Reading, Listening to Music, Theatre and Creative Writing. She is currently working as a Senior Content Writer in IT Company at Gurgaon, a Theatre Artist/ Trained Salsa Dancer, and an Author.  She is an avid writer and author of multiple books. She has edited two books (a novel called Absolute Love Letter and a business fiction book called Diamonds In The Rough).

Devika’s first novel: She released her first book titled ‘7 Vows of Marriage’ ( ) which got over 4.7-star rating on Amazon.

Devika’s Second Novel: And her second book titled ‘The Mind Game’

( is published and available on Amazon.

Inside the book:  “The Mind Game” is a motivational self-help book by Devika Das. You will realize the treasures she gives you on a daily basis that are free of charge. Explore how we can show our gratitude in times of adversity, or be motivated in every situation. Learn how to develop your skills at showing gratitude by recognizing and appreciating the gifts you receive and in turn enhance your well-being completely.

This inspirational book is divided by six sections and you can look at all sections tells the reader that what emotion actually is, analyzing people and lots of inspiring thoughts are written by Devika Das. She uses rich storytelling to explain how people can improve their everyday lives. This innovative exploration of productivity can help anyone learn how to succeed without having to endure stress, struggle, or sacrifice.

This may be the conventional self-help book, but Devika has managed to reach out to everyone with his simplistic yet powerful ideas. The good thing about this book is that the language is kept simple and to the point making it easier to understand. You Can Win focus on achieving success through personal growth and a positive attitude.

In this book, the author explores the ideas that are the most important to improving one’s productivity, including motivation, teams, focus, goal setting, managing other people, effective decision making, innovation, and absorbing data. Readers have stated that this book is written in a lively and eloquent way.

This beautifully written book will truly change your mind set on the power and importance of gratitude. I am glad the author included scientific evidence and not just excerpts from the scriptures as I feel this gave real weight to her beliefs. This would make an excellent gift to anyone who would like to improve their lives on every level. A book to treasure and refer to in times of self-doubt or hardship.

My Review: I should say that the book is much better than the motivational stories what I have read in recent days.  So I will surely suggest you to read it once and you will be completely satisfied with Devika’s work. I will give 5/5 for this book. Happy reading Criticspace!

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