Book Name – Rhythm of Spiritual Beats

Author Name – Srinivasan P Nathan

Genre – Poem

Publisher: Educreation Publishing.

Date of Release – 30th November 2018

Amazon link:

Review by Williamsji Maveli – Poet & Reviewer

Rating: 4/5

Spirituality plays a very sequential role in everybody’s life.  First of all, theology helps us to govern what is right and what is wrong. Many of the decisions that we make in our everyday life is believed to be a direct result of our spirituality.

 For as long as we could keep in mind that we  have been raised to believe that we  should live our own  life the way God would want us to live it. Secondly, spirituality will also helps us to feel more secure about what will happen to our spirit once our life here on earth is over.

The very first poem titled “Be with Yourself” from this book contributes a simplified version of human spirituality. This  book of poetry of honorable poet Srinivasan P Nathan depicts the true meaning of silence in terms of real spirituality for common man in the below lines.

“Silence is

Essence of Life,           

To be understood

And adhered Day and Night …”

The poetic definition of spirituality and religiosity is missing among most of us, what it means to be spiritual or religious and what constitutes a spiritual person in the literature is still very highly researched.

Many definitions of religiosity and spirituality include religious service attendance, some sort of meaning and purpose in life, personal strength to cope with difficulties, and believing in a higher being. Older adults tend to have stronger faith and greater spirituality than younger.

So, All we need…

“Is to spend some time

With ourselves in peace …”

The above simple poem ends with a meaning and purpose in life, self-awareness, and connectedness with self others. The poem titled “Quest “, I wish to highlight the beauty of the frame works of poetic lines which is as below

“Amongst the flock of sheep

My heart beats a different beep”

“In me, moment of peace

And tranquility I find…

Thanks for giving me

A chance to live….Holy Divine”

Above poetic inspiration which was meant for realistic indicators or what are taken as essential attributes of spirituality. The framework that was formed was between the similarities and differences of the approaches that were identified.

I wish good luck to honorable Poet Srinivasan P Nathan, Stay blessed, Love and Light.

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