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Book Review: #Mylifeline-I

Author: Sevak

Genre: Fiction

Order Here:

Publisher: Partridge Publishing India (10 January 2018)

#MyLifeline: Part – I is a motivational novel which can be enjoyed by every age group. It is the first part of #MyLifeline series. I will share the reviews of two of the most interesting books I have read. Today, let’s begin with Part – I, I will share my experience with a book which has been filled with love and passionate journey to discover one’s own life and purpose.

The Plot: The plot is all set for motivation by the author Sevak (Vishal Patel). Though it’s like a novel and there is a story, in the end, it will give you lots of motivation and positive feelings about life. What we actually want in our life? Is it some money, love, power or something else? The author has beautifully tried to give the answer to this question. All we want is “Happiness” and it is the most difficult thing to have in our life since there are a lot of challenges in the life which we come across. Whether you are getting happiness or not, being positive and determined is the key to live the life.

The Blurb: The blurb is catchy and surely if you will go through it, you will be attracted to read the complete book. Along with the perfect storyline, here we have the perfect blurb:

“Happiness can be elusive, and so often young people are dejected, depressed, and unmotivated because of their past failures. So how can we learn from our mistakes, uncover the positive in life, and try to improve, help others, and face the world with a smile?
In #MyLifeline, anyone who needs to feel encouraged in life can follow the coming-of-age story of Nishaana kind, humble, and selfless young man who is starting his journey from college to the corporate world. Accompanied by friends on his new lifes journey and finally meeting a sweet, soft-spoken, and softhearted girl, Shikha, who opens his world, Nishaan is able to confront the challenges of life with determination and support.
Even though it can be difficult to find happiness, we can use Nishaans story to stay motivated and positive even through the most challenging of circumstances. If we are able to face our challenges and put forth a positive effort, we too can beat depression and find a way to love again.”

The story of Nishan will make you learn how to stay positive and determined towards your goal even you face lots of challenges and failures in life. Nishaana met the love of his life Sikha together they face the ups and downs of life. All they had was a hope and positivity which kept their strength alive.

Ratings: 4.5/5 Stars. A must read for all. The readers of all genres must surely give a try to this book and they will surely fall in love with the amazing creation of Sevak. The perfect combination of love story and motivation is waiting for you. Go for it, readers!


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