Interview with: Vishal Patel

Many thanks for accepting the interview request, sir. Let me start by asking that how came in your mind write these amazing book “#Mylifeline-I And then Part-II”.

Ans: Frankly, I never had any writing experiences to become an Author or writing a Novel before. But tremendous ups and downs in my personal life and when I faced all the challenges in person, I then realized a so-called word ‘depression’ due to just mere failures. And that’s so true. I too then became helpless and alone like others during my own failures. But with god graces and because of his positive attitude towards life, I came out from that depression and realized that there must be many other people in this world, who must have experienced and probably experiencing the same black hole in their life, like me. And that’s the point . . .

I have then recalled my one of the best buddy’s inspirational life story, breath taking ups and downs and finally, decided to pen down his emotions, his story, and spread that true inspirational story at every corner, to help others, to helping them coming out from their depression. I did not let my moral down and did not let myself demotivated during my own tough time, my own bad time and during this entire Novel writing journey. Because, I have stopped writing this Novel many times before. I was getting multiple difficulties to furbish the proper story, to outline the proper message, to maintain the connectivity etc. And hence, many times I have stopped writing this Novel with great frustration. But then, I stood up again and finally, I have decided to pen down this script by any means, to motivate and help young generation, youth, during their shaky situations, their tough depressive time.

And final outcome! #MyLifeline (Part I and II) Novel series got published worldwide,

while Part III is yet to publish, which is already in the process and will come out very soon.

Moreover, with my simplicity and selfless helpful nature, I have decided to share all the true, innocent moments, thoughts, and experiences, with proper justification with my best knowledge, to every individual around the corner. I wanted to motivate all of them and with having the same belief, my heart led me towards writing this Novel series, in very simple English language, with simple statements and grammar, without heavy vocabs and jargons to avoid the language barrier, to maintain the simplicity throughout, to convey my understanding, thoughts and innocent intensions towards the mankind.

Interview : The Book “Mylifeline” seems from the first impression to the reader that is related to life and it will give lots of experiences. So in five lines, how do you try to convey the best messages to the readers?

Vishal Patel: Happiness can be elusive and so often young people are dejected, demotivated and depressed because of their failures. So how can one learn from their mistakes, uncover the positive in life and try to improve, help others, and face the world with a smile?

In #MyLifeline, anyone who needs to feel encouraged in life, can follow the coming-of-age story of Nishaan – a kind, humble and selfless young man, who is starting his journey from college to the corporate world. Accompanied by friends on his new life’s journey and finally meeting a sweet, soft-spoken, soft-hearted girl, Shikha, who opens his world, Nishaan is able to confront the challenges of life with determination and support.

Even though it can be difficult to find happiness, one can use Nishaan’s story to stay motivated and positive, even though the most challenging of circumstances. If every one of us able to face the challenges and put forward a positive effort, then one can beat the depression and find a way to live again.

#MyLifeline, Novel series, is a true Inspirational story which one must have to feel and live. This Novel is for all the youth, the young generation to identify themselves, to fight against their own inner weakness, their fear of society, their shamefulness, their heavy depression, their guilt for their innocent efforts and eventually to fight against their guilt for their failures. As such there is nothing to hide from this world, from oneself. 

It is coming-of-age novel hopes to inspire, encourage, and motivate young people to be positive about their past failures, learn from their mistakes and lead them to be self-motivated. It’s a unique enthralling real life inspirational story of a young guy from his college days to his corporate worlds to his love lives, roller-coaster emotions to self-motivation and real ultimate happiness.

One should never let their moral and self-confidence down in any circumstances. Remember, failure is temporary and that is the first step to succeed in life. My dear friends, life is very beautiful, just live and love every moment, every part and every individual aspects of it. And always keep trust on this saying: “Life lived in idealism that feels worthless, often becomes an idol for someone’s life.”

There is nothing wrong to be good with everyone and to feel positive at every situation. There is nothing to lose for being always happy and positive at every moment in our life.

So, that’s it! This show must go on!

Interview : How do you see your journey as a writer? It has been a long time now. Please share with our readers the twists and turns that your writing life.

Of course, it was not at all simple and easy to go path though, but yeah, it was and it is never impossible too! Definitely, you all can achieve this feat too. The only motto/vision, just do not give up. Even if you are tired or getting frustrated, just don’t give up! Initially, you won’t even understand the basic nitty-gritty or detailed insight of writing a Novel, but frankly, never let go away your thoughts, which most of the times emerged in your mind and heart, let them be very immature. Just pen those down. Silly to silly words, emotions, every minute aspects. Just pen down somewhere. And of course, you can slowly build your experience by continual reading as well visualizing/imaging process. Surely, you should read many liking novels, their different aspects. While, an Author like me, in my case, along with multiple novels/literature readings, I do keep myself engage visualizing the things by watching multiple movies, short stories, stage drama, plays etc. That way, it just open up your thinking process, more in macro level.

Vishal Patel: Tough part for me, when I was not feeling proper message/outcome, which I wanted from every single paragraph, every single page, every single chapter, and finally from the entire Novel. But nothing to worry here. As with the time and experience, I have learnt a best part being as an Author is that, an Author should definitely have to be a good reviewer. Yes, you yourself be the first level of reviewer, for your own Novel. Frankly, that helped me a lot. Every time, whenever I used to re-visit my own written paragraphs / pages / chapters, every time, I did find some new thoughts, new imagination and new idea to streamline the writing. Seriously, it helps. At times, you will be bored seeing same page again and again, but believe me, just do it, it helps a lot.

Another frustrating part, after writing a Novel, then to find a proper publisher and get your work notified to your desired readers. It’s itself a big ocean in it. But nothing complex, or I should say impossible task to achieve. Multiple ways are there to achieve this feat as well. Traditional publication is always being the top best approach for all the Authors, who have dreamed to be. But sometimes, it doesn’t help everyone though. Also, it eats up much of your time to get your work into the market and to the reader’s hand. So, it remains individual choice. Another way, to approach Literary agents and get your written work into reader’s hands. This way too helps a lot. And final way, self-publication. You can surely go for self-publication for faster results.

All in all, do not give up at any stage. Let your first work to get notified and enters into the real world, amongst the varied readers. Get it professionally reviewed for your betterment and skill improvement. It helps a lot to become a successful Author!

Interview : You have authored 2 books. What has kept you going on, sir? What motivates you to write?

Vishal Patel: Social problems and then selfless help towards mankind, always kept me going far beyond and on. I always keep myself engage in many positive activities, social activities, also my counselling part, to help all the needy during their tough time, always motivates me and keep my inner instinct alive. My inner soul always feels better to help all the needy selflessly

Interview : You have been active in almost all the genres of literature. How do you see it?

Vishal Patel: It is actually an amazing feeling. Most importantly, you can visually and imaginatively think about all the emotions, ups downs, every individual frames, and scenes and can enjoy your writing work satisfactorily. Believe me, there is nothing more than ultimate thing, if your imagination, your creative work, your idea, just change someone’s life positively and it helps them sustain during their tough depressive time.

Interview : What do you aim at while composing any piece of creative writing?

Vishal Patel: My aim is to get the final message properly out from any script, and most importantly, it should be towards serving mankind. Message should surely help someone to change their thinking towards life, towards their own life and eventually everyone’s betterment.

Interview : The distinguished poet that you are, what does novel mean to you? Do you see a novel as something which must be objective or an expression which must be charged with subjective views or an amalgam of both or something else? I would like your views reflected on it.

Vishal Patel: I personally feel Novel is just a way of life, it is entire soul and heart of everything. It is just everything to me, I should say. Many times being as an objective, it most of the times comes out with real life expression, which covers multiple subjects to survive. It not only helps everyone to stay alive, but also helps them deep dive insight their soul and find themselves in this world. It is to find yourself, to find your existence in this world, to find your “Karma”, to follow the path defined by God and finally, attain the ultimate inner happiness to see this entire world beautifully, with Almighty’s presence.

Interview : Are there other books being worked by you? What after the Mylifeline series? Please tell us about your future projects.

Yes, there are multiple projects in the pipeline, both Novels as well as short stories, web series too. Currently, I am working on two Inspiring thriller Novel, out of which one got already being selected and it is under process of publication.

There is one more mythological Novel concept, I am working on currently. So yeah, lots of work already in the pipeline and I am hoping to get them finish and publish them very soon.

Interview : What is Success according to you?

Vishal Patel: Of course, definitions can be multiple. And it is different for different people in their respective field. You can surely visualize from Soldier’s or Business person’s or Farmer’s or Prime Minister’s or Middle class people’s or labour’s or Author’s (like me) perspective.

From my perspective, it is to satisfy our own soul, feeling blissful after helping needy selflessly, to win everyone’s heart and eventually to win god’s heart by getting blessed and feel their gratefulness.

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