Author Article: Iram fatima ashi

Hello author, on behalf of all the readers, we would like to discuss something about you and of course, your book as well.  This conversation will help reader to know more about you and your debut book.

Criticspace: Most welcome to Criticspcae, Author. We heartily congratulate you for being a published author. It’s really a great achievement. First thing, we would like to know about your basic info as a person, daily life, career so far and anything you would like to share about you with your readers.

Author: Thank you very much for your wishes.

I am a fun loving and friendly person but with this, I have kept my sensitivity and space for myself to think about serious issues and to express the same through creative writing or painting.

My family is my priority but it doesn’t mean that I have to quit my passion to prove my dedication towards them. I try to make the balance between my responsibilities and my passion.

Criticspace: That’s really great; please tell us something about your journey of becoming an author. When you actually started writing and how was the circumstance? Did any person or situation influenced you to write your debut book or was it your childhood hobby of writing?

Author: I started writing when I was 13 years old and in 8th std, I wrote my first poem on ‘pen’ and a drama which was performed in annual function against dowry and after that articles, short stories and poems and no looking back.

My parents and my friends… they have always believed in me and are my constant support, they appreciate, they criticize and they never let me give up. I got recognition and appreciation in my initial years of life, that boosted my confidence and I understood that this is the only thing which I can do while enjoying. The biggest challenge is to focus on a few topics only, as suggested by my father. The biggest challenge for me has been to tackle topics which may be controversial like Religion and Politics.

Criticspace: Please tell the reader something about your book. What is your message to those readers who have still not read the book? Why they should pick it up for reading?

Author: We are quite habitual of judging ourselves from the social point of view, its norms and trends which are developed or place, forcefully among us during our upbringing. All of us develop invisible frames in our mind to see other people and all relationships through that.

We forget that nature has its own laws and secrets to unite two souls beyond any worldly borders. This story will give new prospective to the readers while discovering romantic story of ‘soul-mates’.

Read my novel ‘A PLEASANT SECRET’ and unfold journey of different characters layer by layer.

Criticspace: And yes, the most important thing we would like to hear from you is what is your message to those new writers who have not yet started their journey of becoming an author? You have been their source of motivation, please convey your thoughts with them.

Author: Every person man or woman has their different passion like reading, writing, cooking, music, painting, teaching, social work etc but somewhere we pack that and keep it aside while choosing our priorities and this becomes the reason of frustration in our life. I would like to suggest to such creative people that they should be little mean to live for themselves too as they are also individuals with different identities and hobbies and passions. Take out the ‘me time’ for themselves… follow their passion… do what they love… to keep them happy and if they are happy then only they can spread happiness among others.

Criticspace: That’s really great! We wish you all good luck for your literature career.

Humble thanks to you for choosing me among India’s 100 top authors, I am sure my novel ‘A Pleasant secret’ would be one of interesting book to read for my readers.

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