Author Article: Radhika Joshi

Hello author, on behalf of all the readers, we would like to discuss something about you and of course, your book as well.  This conversation will help reader to know more about you and your debut book.

Criticspace: Most welcome to Criticspcae, Author. We heartily congratulate you for being a published author. It’s really a great achievement. First thing, we would like to know about your basic info as a person, daily life, career so far and anything you would like to share about you with your readers.

Author: Hey there! Thank you! I’m a student at Christ University, Bangalore. I’m doing a triple major course in Psychology, English and Western Classical Music. I’m passionate about music and writing. I play drums, the euphonium, and I sing sometimes! In my free time I usually watch dog videos, and laugh at memes. I watch a lot of psych-thriller movies, and they influence my writing a lot.

Criticspace: That’s really great; please tell us something about your journey of becoming an author. When you actually started writing and how was the circumstance? Did any person or situation influenced you to write your debut book or was it your childhood hobby of writing?

Author: I’ve always wanted to be an author. It has definitely been a childhood dream. I started writing on Wattpad a few years ago. I wrote a fantasy fiction novel about the Afterlife. I got a good response from people,  and hence started writing more. I then developed an interest in short stories, and started writing the same, whenever I got ideas.

Denial Diaries is largely influenced by my interest in psychology and psych thriller as a genre.

Criticspace: Please tell the reader something about your book. What is your message to those readers who have still not read the book? Why they should pick it up for reading?

Author: Denial Diaries is a collection of short stories. These stories are based on the basic theme of conflict, of an individual with others and with self. The book has stories where readers can reflect, and stimulate their thinking. Denial Diaries is a short book, but it will surely keep you hooked.

Criticspace: And yes, the most important thing we would like to hear from you is what is your message to those new writers who have not yet started their journey of becoming an author? You have been their source of motivation, please convey your thoughts with them.

Author: Never stop writing. There will be days when you stare at the blank computer screen with no inspiration, but don’t give up. You will get through your block, and you will write amazing things. Believe in yourself! Also note down ideas whenever you think of them. Every idea is important!

You got this, fellow writer!

Criticspace: That’s really great! We wish you all good luck for your literature career.

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