Birth Place: Idukki District, Kerala

Interests: Lecturing, Acting, Reporting

Hobbies: travelling alone, watching horror and realistic movies, playing games and writing literary works

Biographical Info (About the Author): At least in 100-120 words:

Melbin Parappallil, an Indian writer from Kerala particularly from Idukki District. He has attained University first degree from Holy Cross College of Management & Technology and University second degree from JPM Arts & Science College in English. He loves to contribute the public with his works inspired by events and stories heard around him. He has chosen different themes to write which can make the reader understanding and provide a great motivation in the future.

Achievement So far:

Successfully completed on the job training as a Teacher (Dr. Rajendra Prasad Memorial School, Idukki, Kerala)

Successfully completed on the job training as a Media trainee (Kerala vision Idukki news channel, Idukki, Kattapana)

Favourite Topics of Writing:

  • Transgender
  • Love
  • Racial Discrimination
  • Suffering
  • Dream

What describes you the best:

  1. Graphical Author
  2. Mystery Writer
  3. Motivational Author
  4. Romance Author
  5. Content Writer
  6. Academic Author

(Motivational Author)

Tell us about your writing career:

I think I first developed the writing in school where writing poetry I looked forward too.I have started writing that gives the public with new ideas and motivational thoughts. I don’t want to provide worthless works with no heart breaking situations. I do enjoying the job of writing.Writing gives me an internal happiness. Writing is my passion so I do hope that one day down the line it can be my soul profession.

Tell us something about your book.

History, a lazy boy in the beginning passes through love, failures, worries and attains a position when scored in the UPSC exam where he is respected after misconceptions. History reads Rekha Sharia’s The Fall For The Victory which directed him to the UPSC. Memory, the childhood friend of History misunderstands once that led being hatred for many years. There are moments when Memory loves History, History loves Love, Love loves Felix, History rejects Memory, Love rejects History, Reyan loves Merina, Diana loves Reyan. History becomes Mx. History and sustainability are seen at the end.

What encourages you to become an Author?

Savi Sharma; my favourite writer who made me a writer too. Her works are really heart touching and realistic and I love adding realistic elements in my work too.

 What is your current goal in writing career?

I enjoy the writing job. Writing gives me an internal happiness and reduces my loneliness.Writing is my passion so I do hope that one day down the line it can be my soul profession. I want to present a few works more in the future.

The titles seems different and catchy, how you decided it?

Just framed a topic suitable to my character and the topic should make the people understanding and that it really exists now in the society.

Are you writing other books as well, let us know about the same.

Yes, I have completed an anthology of short poems and its about to get published.A few more works are on the way to come true.

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