Interview with Author Devika Das

Interview: What inspired you to lay path towards writing? And what influenced you to explore the myth side of it?

Author: I really don’t know… I feel writing helps me express myself the best… when I am too emotional words just pour out naturally. I sense that there is a weird feeling of Now or Never in today’s time… Everyone is running without knowing the end goal.

Interview: What do you think about the reception of the book with young Indians who are always hooked up with smart phones with foreign books and web series now a days?

Author: The young readers have appreciated the book and kind of related themselves to the content. Few readers have also recommended the book to their friends.

Interview: Which other books influenced you to create content?

Author: I think observations and experiences in life influenced me to write The Mind Game.

Interview:  About mind and its functions is always very interesting. Which incidents occupied your mind while you drafted the subject?

Author: Staying away from home has helped me explore myself as a person. I have interacted with people from different walks of life which has helped me understand different perspectives.

Interview: What are the various efforts you are trying at attract the readers?

Author: I am connecting with reviewers. bloggers and give author interviews. I also connect with people personally and tell them about my book. Theater activities in the city are keeping me busy and help me connect with a lot of people. I am also connecting with school and college students to spread awareness about Emotional Intelligence.

Interview:  What are your favorite books and who are your favorite authors?

Author: Short stories, crime fiction and books on philosophy and human behavior.
Interview:  Do you believe in any writing rituals?

Author: I don’t have any writing rituals.

Interview: How does your writing nook look like?

Author: My bookshelf has an assorted collection of books and my table is decorated with a flower vase, a small candle, my notebook & pen.

Interview: What role does our family and friends play during your writing times?

Author: I choose to be alone when I am in the writing mode 😊

Interview: Words to your readers.

Author: Write honestly…It is a wonderful medium to express your thoughts so explore the characters or the plot of the story and write it out. Yes, you will need to review the story twice or thrice as the first draft is never the final one.

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