Author Interview: Dr.Lakhwinder Singh Multani

Q1. Tell us a little about yourself ?
Ans. I am Dr Lakhwinder Singh Multani born and brought up in a village named Nadala. Distt Kapurthala, Punjab. After my matriculation from the village school, I did from DAV College Jallandhar and then I did MBBS and M.D (Internal Medicine) from Government Medical College Amritsar. I joined PCMS in 1982 and retired from my Job as Senior Medical Officer in March 2015. Now I am Medical Director of a multispecialty Hospital (Multani Hospital) in Distt. Amritsar.

Q2. So what made you write a book in the first place?
Ans. My passion drove me to write this book. Previously I used to write Punjabi Poetry.

Q3. Wasn’t it challenging to write a non-fiction book with such heavy concepts?
Ans. No, not at all, it was not challenging, rather a pleasant experience to unravel the mysteries of life and science. This heavy concept is natural to my mind, because after reading the likes of Khalil Gibram, Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Jostein Gaarder, Villiam Shakespeares, Ayn Rand, Matt Ridley, Siddhartha Mukherjee, Venki Ramakrishnan, Alexander Solzhenitsyn and my own Medical literature naturally too heavy for any mortal being. Even doing Post Graduation in Medicine is considered the toughest amongst all the Medical disciplines. But I was able to do with grace of God. Having seen many failures and glorious success in my Medical field made me a much weathered one. So this heavy concept did not trouble me much.

Q4. Were they any doubts related to how people would react to your book or whether they would trust all the facts you were providing in the book ?
Ans. No sir there was no doubt in my mind. I write to my own satisfaction and curiosity. I find it hard to please myself only. I do not bother what will others say.

Q5. What is it that drove you towards medicine?
Ans. Medicine is my favorite subject as it is a holistic one and a passion to treat all types of patients.

Q6. And how come this whole idea of philosophy with medicine happened?
Ans. Actually Medicine cannot be viewed in isolation as every medical discovery or revelation depends upon certain philosophical concepts. Without philosophy no field of human learning is possible.

Q7. Was pursuing medicine a career in medicine always your childhood dream ?
Ans. Yes it was my childhood dream to be a doctor.

Q8. How much time it took you in total to gather all the facts and information that you have mentioned in the book?
Ans. I started on this topic in 2011 and after an extensive study of various sources, finally I started writing this in April 2015, immediately after I retired from my job. So it roughly amounts to 8 years from genesis to completion of the book.

Q9. Which was your favorite part of writing the book?
Ans. The Guardian angel of Genome gave me immense pleasure though other topics too were very close to my heart, the interplay of various genes was like a music to my ears and a dance to watch for my eyes.

Q10. You did research on a variety of topics , on which topic did you enjoy the most?
Ans. I enjoyed almost all the topics which I wrote in the book. It’s hard to choose one because for every topic I had to put my soul into the topic under consideration. Even then writing about Guardian angel of Genome was very interesting and challenging to me and I enjoy the most when being challenged.

Q11. So can we expect your next book coming up?
Ans. Yes sir certainly.

Q12. If yes then by when ?
Ans. Sir you can expect in the mid of next year.

Q13. Would your next book be the related to this itself or you would like to explore the order aspects of medicine too?
Ans. Probably it will be on Genome or Biography of cancer and AIDS.

Q14. Which is better medicine or philosophy?
Ans. Actually they are inseparable because no medicine is possible without some philosophy.

Q15. So any plans of becoming a full time author for your research work?
Ans. Yes I have plans for becoming full time author in future.

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