Author Feature: Ansar Hussain

Name: Ansar Hussain

Birth Place: Tamil Nadu

Hobbies: Writing poems, Articles, motivational speech, writing novels, playing cricket

Biographical Info of Ansar Hussain

Ansar Hussain lives in the southern part of India. He is currently pursuing his degree in mechanical engineering. The twenty years old has written over 80 articles for news companies. He loves motivating people and bring the best out of everyone. One of his notable works to achieve this, was “The Escritor”, a writing competition in which writers from all around the globe had participated. He has written over 250 quotes and 200+ poems which have been published in various. He has also published many of his poems and quotes in various anthologies.

The Pursuit Of Love is his first anthology, which he considers as the stepping stone to publish his novel “ You & The Rest of the World”, which  soon will get launched for all you readers.

He believes that his writing career will start once he publishes his novel “ you and the rest of the world on which he has been  working for years.

Achievement So far:

He has conducted an online writing competition to which writers from all around the world participated. He has published 80+ articles on an online news company. He has published his write-ups in many anthologies. He has recently published an anthology ‘Pursuit of Love’.. Will soon launch the novel  “ You and the rest of the world”.

Favorite Topics of Writing:

Love, breakup and motivation

What describes you the best:

Romance and motivational

Tell us about your writing career: 80-100 words minimum:

 When I felt the stories in my school books had unfair endings, I started altering the stories. Slowly I started growing interest towards writing and started writing comics and poetries. At the age of 18 I started writing novel which is almost ready and will soon be published.  

Tell us something about your book.

The best thing about “love” is that it has no age;

It binds the world together with emotions.

Isn’t being in love the best feeling ever? It brings out a poet from one’s soul. Pursuit Of Love is the artworks of poets around the globe. It describes the writer’s perceptions to love.

The ever-expanding spectrum of love cannot be described through a single definition, it needs boundless space and an infinite combination of words.

This anthology consists of pristine love poetries and quotes that infuse emotional war into readers mind.

What encourages you to become an Author?

The words in the book can create a greater impact than movies on screens.  People tend to visualize the story written on a page far better and more vivid than anything else. I believe that authors have the power to motivate people through writings, they can bring someone out of depression and push them to work for their destiny. I’ve always had an immense love to infuse positivity into people, which only an author can do.

What is your current goal in writing career?

To become a well-versed writer, become a motivational speaker and publish a novel which is in process.

The titles seems different and catchy, how you decided it?

Everyone is always in search of something in life and that becomes their goal eventually. Love is a feeling which all of us experience at least once in our lives and this book is dedicated to those who are still in search of love. Hence, we named it, “Pursuit of Love”.

Are you writing other books as well, let us know about the same.

I am currently writing a novel ‘You and the rest of the world’ which will be published soon.

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