Author Feature: Lokesh Kumar Agrawat

Name: Lokesh Kumar Agrawat

Birth Place: Bharatpur, Rajasthan

Interests: Roaming worldwide, Reading Books, Listening Music and Watching Movies

Hobbies: Lecturing, Teaching, Writing, Gardening and Singing

Biographical Info:

I am born in a Rajasthani village in which villagers are very hardworking and have great idealistic values. They all are depended on agriculture and animal husbandry facing continuous draught problem. My father, Mr. Gopi Chand, is highly educated person of his time but unemployed and unfortunate to find a permanent job and failed in running any business while my mother, Mrs Saphedi Devi, is highly spiritual lady. She is a humble hard worker who spreads love and positivity around her. I always face economic problems in my student career, so I can feel the cruel pain of poverty. I spent my infancy helping my mother in home and in fields, boyhood in serving others and college life in providing home tuition for needy students for continuing my study and to keep my dreams alive.

I completed my primary education from Govt. Primary school Jharoli, and secondary and senior secondary from Government senior secondary school Chitokari. I went M.S.J. Government P.G. College Bharatpur for Graduation. With Graduation I completed certificate course in journalism and Mass communication through correspondence mode from Rajasthan University, Jaipur. I did my. B. Ed. from Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Dayalbagh, Agra (Deemed University). I got an opportunity to study in Central University of Rajasthan from where I completed my M. A. English. In those couple of years I completed PGDT from IGNOU through correspondence mode.

Achievement So far:

I completed my first Film script/screen play ”Strings of Gold” in english, and presented two research papers in International Conferences organised by Rajasthan International Film Festival and  All India English Teacher Association. Presently, I am working as a lecturer (R.E.S.) in Department of Education, Government of Rajasthan. This anthology ”Heart Beats” is the expression of my feelings and emotions which can never be expressed before anyone.

Favorite Topics of Writing:

Love, Life, Nature and Contemporary Society.

What describes you the best:

  1. Motivational Author
  2. Romance Author
  3. Content Writer
  4. Academic Author

Tell us about your writing career.

I started paving the way to my thought at the early teen. Initially My alienation, my mother’s sickness and overwork, my father’s helplessness and poverty, and the critical condition of my people affected me deeply at heart and forced me to write. But now I always feel a kind of agony for those who are downtrodden and helpless. I want to express their pains, their griefs and their helplessness to the world. That’s why I write.

There are some wishes of mine as well. I want to tell these to those who understand or can feel. It is not possible directly because I cannot find them everywhere. That’s why I would prefer to write it down on paper to tell everyone. In this anthology there are my wishes, my emotions, my feelings, my introspection, my perception and my complaints which come into existence as poems.

Tell us about your book.

It is the expression of my heart beats which was sometimes slow, sometimes fast, sometimes rhythmic, sometimes hotchpotch, sometimes in the company or sometimes in tranquility. Separation in Love makes the Life nostalgic while looking for love takes the man to utopia. In this anthology I deal with all shades of love, every aspect of experienced life and perception of people.

What encourages you to become an Author?

There is a lot which shake me from the deep core of heart. I am not the one who complain the system and blame the society for being like this. I am individualistic, the fakeness of people and plastic ideology inspire me to write. Broken hopes, departing friends and lack of well-wishers affect me but less while judging me wrong without knowing anything makes my mind very upset and force to write.

What is your current goal in writing career?

I have grown up watching transformation not only from thatched roof huts and rough footpaths to multistorey buildings and highways but human nature, behaviour and psychology from selfless to selfish. There is no pleasure in this urban dazzling life and a lacking of adjustment in society. All are alienated in the rush. People miss something about that neither they can express nor can do anything to get that. The current goal of my writing is to amuse the readers and ultimate target of my writing is to search the real face of mankind which is lost in the modernity.

The titles seems different and catchy, how you decided it?

I am known as the man of his owm world in my society. People tag me professor, Bakeel, philosopher but what I am no one knows. I would like to tell them that I always listen my heart beats and wanted to be listened by others. That’s why I chose this title.

Are you writing other books as well, let us know about the same. I have completed my first film script/screen play ”Strings of Gold” in English. Apart from it two Anthologies of 100 gazals in Hindi. I have composed about 40 hindi songs, 40 hindi poems and about 50 rhythmic poems in Braj Bhasha as well. All these will be come into existence shortly through publication.

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