Book Review: Time – Lets’ Value It

Book Title

The book title is indicative of the book’s content. Right from the title itself, the readers can  comprehend that it is a book which teaches us the importance of Time, that we often seem to neglect.

Book Cover

The book’s cover proclaims protection and assurance. It shows a parent reaching out to a child to let him hold his hand. This whole image shows a gesture which is extremely soothing and peaceful.


Time as we all know can be a trickster. At one time, it would present itself as a beautiful angel with wands whereas at other times, it can even turn into a deadly devil.

In spite of realizing that, we often fail to value it to its fullest regard.

Through this book, the author takes us to a wonderful journey where we realize and would eventually start valuing the importance of time.

Instead of just wasting it or worrying about the past and future, we must live only in the present.

This is something we all have heard since ages yet fail to follow.

The author tries to reinforce the power of time and how we can utilize it to the fullest to gain the maximum reward.

What I really liked about this book is the suggestions the author has given, i.e. we must live each and every moment fully.

The ending was really exceptional where he mentions that we must learn to value our life and not end it because of trivial matters. He has also mentioned the part of Yoga and how it can benefit our over all health.

All in all, this book was a catalyst in rekindling all those lessons which we have known since childhood about time, yet fail to follow.


The narration was very plain and simple which helped in understanding the author’s point of view.

Language & Grammar

The language & grammar too like the narration is fine and apt without any unnecessary exaggeration or use of highly flowery language.

Since it was more of a self – help kind of book, so the author definitely did complete justice with the language & grammar part.

My Final Verdict

Over all, it is a good self-help book for anyone and everyone who wants a little push and needs to realize the value of time and life.

Book Title :  4/5

Book Cover :  4/5

Plot : 3.5/5

Narration :   3.5/5

Language & Grammer :  4/5

Final Rating :   3.8/5

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