Interview with Author: Mukesh Kumar Badgaiyan

Interview: First of all, may many congratulations on your book. Please share a few words about yourself?

Mukesh Kumar: Thank you very much, nothing special, I’m just a common person as you meet daily many people in day to day life.

I belong to a simple middle class family. I’m a teacher of English in a government school.

Apart from all above, First of all I try to be a good human being & so I am & I’m happy with that….

Interview: So is this your first book?

Mukesh Kumar: Yes, this first digital book (e-book) and printed book .You can read it on amazon. It is published by virgin sahityapeeth, New Delhi .You can find it on Google Play books & Pithy. Com

Interview: Why writing and how did it happen?

Mukesh Kumar: Actually, this is the field of my interest since school time, I write first for self-satisfaction then to communicate with the world using this language (English). I feel, what I should say…..! A kind of catharsis, sublimit….whenever I write I feel happy,… the solace & contentment .The words are not only words themselves, they are alive, if you can feel them, if you can use them in an appropriate way. Writing is drops of nectar directly sent to your mind in the form of words or thoughts by nature, that are already existed in the universe, that is the nature, you can call God….or any other super power….that console the author & readers as well.

It happened because it must be happen ,the almighty wants me as a writer so from very beginning I have been a thinker & it’s going on but this book is the outcome of the time when I felt lost & alone… .I wrote this book on my cell phone approximately in 15 days after the death of my dear father…

Interview: Tell me a bit about your book, Time – Let’s Value it.

Mukesh Kumar: this is not mare a book, it’s my own experiences in life, and the book can be a key to know the value of time & existence in a very original way. Every word of this book has its own importance, potential as well as beauty. The book is about time, the powers we possess, our behaviour’s, our very much connection with this existence, yoga, and so many positive guidelines for newcomers.

“There is no past & no future only present is existed so use each moment fruitfully rather live you’re each moment consciously. You are the one who can reach anywhere on the Mars or on the Everest .But what needs is to know yourself & the time that is running very fast waiting no-one .Know your inner being -your real friend, listen this’ first you ‘at least once in a day… ..” This is something I mentioned about my book of 45 page in which every line can be multiply by your own interpretation… ..

Interview: So how did the idea for this book came up?

Mukesh Kumar:  Since very long I have been writing at very different platforms short stories, poetry, etc. at, pratilipi. Com, on fb Asian Literary Society & and in many magazines of my approach. But I was ever in search of writing a book. Thanks to Dr Singh UP, she suggested me to write with my own account & virgin Sahityapeeth first helped me to publish my book, then I started on kindle. I write with my psuedo-name Krishnadhar Diwedi on bloggers. I am writing in both languages Hindi & English.

As far as the idea is concerned, it’s not pre-planned or pre-decided, it happened as it happens everything in our life… I told you before that my circumstances -I felt lost & alone when my father passed away and that incident had broken me from all sides. His love, his guidance, his ever given knowledge & his blessings all turned me in this positive path of writing… to show the light the others to live without stress & tension in any worst situation. You are the fighter ever having your mild weapons of inner potential ‘the first you’

Interview: Do you implement or at least try to implement all the advice you have mentioned in the book?

Mukesh Kumar: yes!  I not only try to implement these living words but I adopt all also, primarily these suggestions are for me, myself, then I share to others to think on them, if it need improvement, do that your own ,you can implement these experiences if you feel something worthwhile. This is not only my property, everyone has the same experience, be conscious & feel.

Interview: Have you ever been through a time where you felt completely lost and alone?

Mukesh Kumar: Yes, when my father passed away.

Interview: If yes, how did you overcome it and did you take anybody’s support or on your own?

Mukesh Kumar: I could make me understand that it’s time which comes in its every shape, sometimes very bitter that can’t be bear with & sometimes it is rejoicing so much that be can’t express. I mold myself towards creative works, positive thinking & take everything as an incident of life experience. We have to know that every morning we take birth and every night we die that is the ultimate truth. Love everyone take care of yourself and others to… Let never be died your emotions.

Interview: Did you always wanted to become a writer?

Mukesh Kumar:  Yes! I have been taking interest since my school time.

Interview: What else do you love apart from writing?

Mukesh Kumar: Traveling, specially natural surroundings, listening music, yoga, sitting with some of my friends in any village surrounded by jungle in winter season talking regularly on some interesting matters… blazed a campfire… .

Interview: If not writing, than what?

Mukesh Kumar: Work is going on in Hindi and English both the languages, titles are not designed yet. Soon books will be released on any universal topic.

Interview: One advice you would like to give the millennial that needs to know the value of time and how to stay focused in life?

Mukesh Kumar: I never say it advice but I would rather say it to share my experience which can be used as suggestions… Dear friends never try to pass the time because we don’t have the power to pass it; it is passing itself waiting no-one. So use each moment, life looks very vast if used the time properly otherwise it is very short when we don’t enjoy it only become passive audience…. No! Not become audience Only, become player, do your actions, write your own script, don’t work hard to get something but do all with full interest, be visionary, you are ‘you ‘only there is single ‘you’ the ‘unique you’ ‘different you’ if other can do better, it is you who can do your best. Know your importance in this existence, know the value of time improve & update yourself if it is needed as we are here in techno-era. Be scientifically spiritual. Let’s value the time because every night we die, every morning we take birth.

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