Book Review: Author Soham Mukherjee

Book Title – The Call of Bliss

Author – Soham Mukherjee

The Title: The title of the book is simple yet thought provoking. The tagline ‘Stories of Transition’ is catchy so kudos for that!

Book Cover: The book cover isn’t very suggestive of the story inside but it’s highly unique.

Plot: If someone has already read ‘Animal Farm’ and also loved it, than he is sure going to love this one too.

We humans are all the same, we nurse the same need and greed no matter how much we deny.

In this story we see how a group of people after being fed up with the ongoing conditions of the society decides to create a community of their own.

A community deficit of all the things they abhorred in the previous society, a community which is self-sustainable and without any restrictions. In short, a happy and a peaceful society.

Everything seems fine until greed overtakes them with the arrival of an alien which they name as AI.AI is also accompanied by a fountain at the heart of this society which solved their problems of water scarcity.

Soon this fountain turns into a wish fountain where in people starts wishing and throwing their pennies into it.

The irony is they start wishing for all those things which they abhorred and had happily given up in the previous society.

As it’s said, too much greed can kill a person. Similarly for these people too, their greed couldn’t sustain them for a long time and this alien named AI had to leave due to the unfortunate death of a child in their community.

With the departure of AI, the wish fountain breaks thus putting an end to their greed which in turn overshadows their happiness and peace.

With that, the person of this new community learns their lesson thus realizing that too much greed never did any good to anyone.

Characters: Each and every character has been portrayed very vividly and we could relate with them very easily.

The good part about this book is the presence of numerous characters which would prevent the readers from feeling monotonous thus helping them to stay hooked on to the book.

Narration: The narration was plain and simple without any unnecessary exaggeration. The language & Grammar part too was fine thus aiding the readers in connecting with the story and divining the author’s viewpoint.

My Final Verdict: It’s not very easy to tell a story which involves multiple characters but the author has really done full justice to it. The author was very much able to keep my attention hooked on to it till the end of this book. I really like the way the author has put across such a strong lesson in a very simple yet subtle manner.

I would definitely suggest this book to anyone and everyone as it brings light upon the harsh reality of any society or rather mankind as a whole.

Book Title:  4/5

Book Cover:  3.5/5

Plot: 3.5/5

Characters:  4/5

Narration:   4/5

Language & Grammar:  4/5

Final Rating:   4/5

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