Book Review: I Choose to be Unstoppable

Book Title – I choose to be Unstoppable

Author – Niranjan Nerlige V

Book Title: The title of the book is simple yet inspiring. It instills a sense of courage in the minds of the readers.

Book Cover: The book cover depicts a handicapped man on a wheel chair. He is handicapped but that isn’t stopping him from feeling optimistic and he spreads his arms out symbolizing extreme courage and victory. From the cover itself, the readers would be enticed to open the book and go on further. After all who doesn’t need a little push of optimism into their daily lives of monotony?

Plot: Life isn’t a garden full of roses but filled with too many thorns  yet with sheer will power and determination, one can overcome all the thorns which comes in one’s way and emerge victorious. That is exactly what the author has depicted in this beautiful story of self-determination and how being optimistic in life can get you through anything.

It is a story of the author i.e. Niranjan’s own life, i.e. how he managed to overcome all the obstacles which life posed in front of him despite all the odds. When I started reading this book, I felt it would be just another self-help book or a simple and ordinary motivational novel  but this book proved me wrong. Because it is not just a simple motivational book with some random inspiring quotes. It is also a book which tells you the methods to overcome your problems and how to deal with all of them on the face.

Each and every chapter has been portrayed beautifully with a lot of feel and honesty thus making it easier for the readers to connect. Some of the most inspiring lines from the book which really touched me were: 

Ask yourself whether you want to be a victim or a victor?

Know that love begets love, love knows no rules this is the same for all,

Be open to the possibilities in your life,

Know that happiness comes from within.

These were just the few examples of some of the beautifully penned inspiring lines.

They strike a chord right in my heart thus making me believe in my abilities once again. It also made me believe that how we can work on our abilities to overcome the disabilities.

Moreover the fact that it was an autobiography, it helped me in connecting with the author all the more.

It’s wonderful how he has put his own life story in a beautiful inspirational novel.

Characters: There weren’t too many characters to talk about but the ones who were there have been portrayed in a very simple and fine manner.

Narration: The narration is simple and without any unnecessary exaggeration. Throughout the book, the author maintained a very lucid narration which is quite easy for the readers to empathize with the protagonist.

Language & Grammer: The language & Grammar too have been weaved very wonderfully in a manner making it easier for the readers to comprehend the author’s point of view.

As this was an autobiography, it was important that the language be done in a simple manner which would help the readers connect with the author straight away.

And this book definitely stood on that very brilliantly.

My Final Verdict: In life we often receive more than we deserve without even realizing that there are thousands who don’t even get half of what we have. This book made me realize the importance of valuing what we already have rather than only complaining.

We already possess so many traits yet we always crave for more. Little realizing that working on the available traits would help us get far in life rather than whining about the missing ones.

This book is definitely a must read for every one because optimism is something which is very important in life. It can be developed from the stories of great people.  And here the author Niranjan has very aptly shown how he has proved to be greater than every odds of his life thus emerging as the ultimate winner.

Book Title:  4/5

Book Cover:  4.5/5

Plot: 4/5

Characters:  3.5/5

Narration:   3.5/5

Language & Grammar:  4/5

Review By:  Suryasri Saha

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