Book Review: Love in Siesta by Avik Gangopadhyay

Book Title – Love in Siesta

Author Name – Avik Gangopadhyay

Format – Paperback

Book Title: The title is a bit ambiguous as siesta normally means a nap in English so how can one find love while taking a nap? The title has been successful in evoking curiosity in me the moment I came across this book and it acted as a catalyst for picking up this book over the many others.

Book Cover: The book cover is one of the most unique one that I have ever come across till date to be honest. It has a sculpture of a man and a woman in a close position and also a shadow of the same at a certain distance. These two contrasting images can put a lot of questions into the minds of the readers which would entice them more towards the book.

Plot: From the title of the book, one might easily take this book thinking its just another love story.  From the cover too, one can think it to be a hopeless romantic love story but the real twists begins only after uncovering the book and reading it.

It is not just another love story where a boy meets a girl or vice versa and falls in love but it delves deeper into human minds and the way the human conscience works at different situations mostly pertaining to love.

This book has used few brilliant examples from the history to portray the intricate functioning of the human mind and how our instincts usually surpass the head and the heart.

In a very subtle manner this book have dramatically dealt with the complex mannerisms of the human heart and brain and how we must always go by our instincts because that is what wins in the long run overpowering both head and the heart.

If these intricate questions being answered in such a subtle and a beautiful manner weren’t enough, he has also depicted the aspect of lust which often coincides with love. He has described that lust in a way is a part of love because it’s not the issue of the heart but the issue of the blood which mostly humans can’t resist. All these and several other highly complex issues of the heart, mind and the soul has been dealt with very subtly here thus keeping the readers hooked on till the very end.

What I really liked the most is the way each and every aspect of the human consciousness has been explained with proper and valid examples from the past, i.e. our own history. He has not only talked about the human mind but also the role and behavior of time in all times of man right from the very beginning till now. This book has helped in answering a lot of my questions when it comes to love and the decisions we take in the same course of action.

Characters: Each and every character has been portrayed very vividly thus helping the readers to relate to them. Also at no point of time did I feel that the characters were larger than life or impossible to be believed in which helped me to connect with them all the more.

Narration The narration is simple and without any unnecessary exaggeration. Throughout the book, the author maintained a very lucid narration which is quite easy for the readers to empathize with the protagonist and the rest of the characters.

Language & Grammar: Just like the narration, the language too is quite plain and simple thus helping the readers to comprehend what the author is trying to express. He has been successful in deciphering his opinions clear and on point.

My Final Verdict:  All in all, I would say that this book is a gem in its own way. The way the author has taken us in a roller coaster ride starting from love, the conflicts between the head and the heart, the way instinct plays a crucial role in our lives till the way lust can overpower all those at times.

And all of these were cited with valid examples from the human history which made the read all the more legit. I would definitely suggest this book to every one as it would be a completely different read than most of the genres we go by and at the end of the book; you would be left with a lot of clarity about things and also about yourself.

Book Title:  3.5/5

Book Cover:  4/5

Plot: 4/5

Characters:  3.5/5

Narration:   4/5

Language & Grammar:  3.5/5

Final Rating:   4/5

Review by: Suryasri Saha

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