Interview with Niranjan N

Interview: It was really my good luck to have come across your book Niranjan. Please tell me a little bit more about yourself?

Niranjan N: I am a Rebound Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer.  I strongly believe in “Challenging one’s limits rather than be limited by challenges”. I have been an effective and efficient corporate professional over two decades, and independent corporate trainer. I am founder of Exelplus Services Coaching and Training firm and trained more than 4000 participants and 70 Plus Organizations since 9 years, in the area of Agile Project Management to various Indian and Overseas Clients.

In an unexpected event I had a tragedy in 1994 when I was about to leave for the US in the next 2 months after passing out from a prestigious institute, Indian Institute of Technology. I met with an accident due to which I was paralyzed below the waist & had to be confined to the wheelchair rest of the life. After undergoing harrowing experience in the hospital I bounced back strongly after 2 years and took up the job in a corporate & went on to become highly successful person within 2 years. I brought up my 2.5 years old adopted son single-handedly, rebounded strongly from the personal setback, when my former wife walked out of my life.

I had been to Boston, US as a facilitator in the conference to inspire a group of people in the USA. I have been featured in several English and regional newspapers for my achievements as a physically challenged person. I have delivered motivational talks and seminars in schools and colleges. I was a recipient of the “Rotary Diversity Award – 2018″, for vocational excellence and being the inspiration for his achievements and never say die spirit among differently able people. All India Radio aired my program twice in Karnataka in 2016 & 2019.

Interview: It’s really very interesting. So tell me one thing, as a child did you ever have to go through situations where your own loved ones didn’t consider you capable enough?

Niranjan N: We are ten siblings. My father was a retired police officer and my mother was a housewife. I have five sisters and four brothers, all elder to me. I was the youngest child in my family and I was pampered lot. Hence there was no such situation of looking down from my family members.

Interview: if yes, than how did you cope up with such situations?

Niranjan N: Not applicable for me

Interview: Your story is really inspiring. What is that one thing which never made you give up in life?

Niranjan N: When I was in the hospital after the tragic fall from the fourth floor, I was pushed to rock bottom of my life. In another 2 months I would have flown to USA the land of dreams. It is said, when you are pushed to the rock bottom only way is going up. At this time, I told myself “What if my right hand and legs are not functioning as usual? I still have my brains which is intact.” So why can’t I use my intelligence to earn my living. I was stuck with worries, a fear of the future which was preventing me to go any further. I then realized that there was no option but to get used to my life on wheel chair, if I had to keep going and prove to the world what I am capable of. My dream of going to the US was over, hence I thought my destiny is elsewhere and so I said to myself “Let me start living instead of just thinking about living.” That day inwards I decided to get used to leading my life  on wheel chair. At this point in time, I said to myself “Come what may, I will return to mainstream life at the earliest possible opportunity. I will be unstoppable, and go beyond my physical and mental limitations.

Interview: You have shared a lot of inspiring quotes in your book which is definitely very helpful for us youngsters. Do you follow all of these in your personal life too?

Niranjan N: Off course most of the quotes written are reflections of my life. I have tried to practice them as much as possible.

Interview: How did the idea of penning down your life’s story come up?

Niranjan N: After the All India radio aired a program on my life in 2016, I was invited to give a motivational seminar in Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan.  After hearing me out, the college students were highly inspired and came to me and told me to write a book on my life.  At that time, I started to realize there is a value in writing a book if it makes a difference to others’ lives. That thought was still lingering in my mind but I made the serious effort to write only in 10 months ago.

Interview: were you always an optimistic kid? How difficult it was for facing all the negativities around you from people who often don’t consider a handicapped capable enough?

Niranjan N: As a child I use to enjoy my life as much as possible. I didn’t see much struggle as my  parents were able to provide enough care for me in terms of education and provide what a young child would need, though we were not very rich. I hail from a middle class family. Though my parents had the difficulty to pay the fees for an English medium school education for me, my mother was determined to send me to an English medium school. She had this strong belief, that an English medium education would help me to create a better career in future. Her perception, became true and I am forever thankful for the depth of her insight.

I admire her courage and conviction to put me in an English medium school, in spite of us living in a small town in Karnataka, where it was the norm for most parents to send their children to study in a school where the medium of instruction was in the local language. I respect her foresight, despite not having any formal education.

Since I became physically handicapped at the age of 29 years due to a fall from height, the question of people treating me negatively in the childhood do not arise.

Interview: You are really an inspiration! What advice would you like to give us youngsters who often lose the track of their lives?

Niranjan N: Youngsters in today’s time have lot of exposure to good as well as evil things. There is so much information and opportunities available today for these things. But as a youngster, one should focus on creating better future than getting diverted from unnecessary for your life. I see lots of youngsters hooked on to mobile phones and social media such as Facebook, Whatspp etc… I don’t say using these is bad. But all youngsters should use these devices carefully without wasting their time using these devices. They should know how to use their time for creating better future. At any cost them should not waster their prime age in getting indulged in unnecessary things and also addicted to bad habits. At no point of time they should become become burden to their families. They should contribute as much possible to become a responsible person to their families and the country. Once time gone, you can’t get it back. If we utilize our valuable time for good things they can create better future, wonderful life and become useful to their families and the country.

Everyone has the ability to become unstoppable and change their life. One should have strong faith when they face difficulties. They should do what they love and become good at their talents. There are ample opportunities for everyone if they have talent in any area. One need not think studying and getting good marks is the only way to become successful. If you focus on your talent and follow your passion, everyone will be successful in the life.

Interview: so what’s next in your bucket list after receiving such appreciations from your first book?

Niranjan N: After I met with an accident, my former wife walking out of my life , while facing these and other problems  I had learnt various life lessons and learnt how to overcome difficulties and stand up in my life. Hence I wanted to give back to the world and make difference in others’ lives. Hence, I came up with strategies, to design “STAND UP” system that will help people overcome their problems and make them positive persons. My mission is to help 1,00,000 people in next 5 years to realize their potential, become successful in their life by surpassing any difficulties, barriers without getting stopped by their circumstances or limitations of their mind through my coaching and seminars. I have designed a flagship programmer, “STAND UP – Rewrite Your Destiny and U can,” which is a life-changing programmer which helps people to create life they wanted to rewrite their destiny.

Interview: any plan of your next book? If yes, what is it about?

Niranjan N: My next book is “Seal your Limitations”. I have not kept any deadline but will soon start working on it. Also have the plan of translating my current book in regional languages such as kannada and other regional languages.

Interview: Growing up, who was your biggest motivation and why?

Niranjan N: My third brother who was highly sincere custom officer was my great source of inspiration in my family. I always admired him for his courage, sincerity, dedication in his work. Swami Vivekananda for courage, Gandhiji for his selflessness, Subhas Chandra Bose for his courageous attitude, Sir M Vishweshwarayya for his professional abilities as best Engineer India produced were my biggest motivation. 

Interview: I would really want to know the role of your parents in your upbringing. After all, despite all the hardships you have emerged victorious. I would like to know what values have they instilled in you which made you such a strong person?

Niranjan N: As I have already said earlier, even though my parents came from a middle class family always treated me with love and care. They never told they can’t afford high fees for an English Medium school, though it wasn’t easy to manage my education and other things for them with my father’s meagre monthly pension alone. Especially my mother helped me to develop all the good values, thinking positively and not to give up when things don’t go in my way. She always used to tell me to be sincere and believe in the hard work by focusing on the education. She had the perception if I get good education my career would be good and I can lead life comfortable.

Interview:  Any last message for us readers before signing off?

Niranjan N: In words of Robert Byrne “The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”  If I look back at the events that have unfolded in my life, I never would have found out how my future life would turn out if I continued living in a state of fear and uncertainty. Initially I resisted accepting my situation in the hospital, I was so much in denial, and there was hardly any self-acceptance.  We keep questioning God (out creator) or blame someone without taking responsibility for our situation. Instead of taking action, we blame outside factors such as fate, bad luck or something else. Everyone has the potential to bounce back in life. Always God has a different way of revealing his plan for us. Whereas we humans always expect life to go as we desire.

 “What would we do, if we didn’t see a light at the end of our dark tunnel” We may not be able to see a bright light at the end of our own dark tunnel right now but there is one if we will believe there is one. we may be failing to see beyond our situation where we might be at present. You don’t know what kind of best future is in store.  My recommendation is, instead of blaming our present situation, let us stay focused on our dreams and not stop believing in our dreams. Everyone has the power to bring change in his or her life.  At no point should one stop in going after, what one wants to achieve.

I never realized my life would become one of the inspirational stories. There was some purpose for me to survive when I fell down from the fourth floor, which started unfolding in my life after this incident. God, The creator has created everyone for some purpose. Who knows what will be your purpose? You don’t even know how you might bring change and positively influence people in your own way. Even each of our stories may make a difference to others, one day, in its own way. It need not be like my story. Unexpected twists do happen, but the path we choose makes all the difference.

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