Timepass – Story of Internet Addiction Book Review

Book Title –  Timepass – Story of Internet Addiction

Author – Amit Joshi

Format – Paperback

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07M6XXN8Q

Book Title & Cover

The title of the book is quite unique for a title. It’s a word which is very commonly used in our everyday life yet its usage as a book title evokes a lot of curiosity in the minds of the readers. The tagline ‘Story of Internet Addiction’ is very catchy as every 8 out of 10 people in this world at present is addicted to the internet.

The book cover illustrates a young boy sitting in front of his laptop with headphones on. It depicts a picture of someone who is very careless and also indifferent of the happenings of his surrounding which is again very much symbolic of today’s youth who usually shuts themselves from the rest of the world while they switch on to a virtual world, i.e. the Internet. The cover page is quite relatable for any youth these days hence it has been very skillfully designed.


We are right now living in an era where we are more focused on a virtual world, a world where everything is false and deceptive. A world where stories are fabricated only to cheat and innocent lives are being spoiled without any second thought. Yes, I am talking about the age-old jargon which no longer is a jargon for us, i.e. ‘Internet Addiction’. More than the reality, we humans like to live in our own make-believe world of perfection and happiness and internet in most ways provides us with that. Hence resulting in internet addictions and then definitely the aftermath of it.

This book titled Timepass deals with exactly the alarming issue of Internet Addiction and how it takes a toll on our lives in most ways. The story talks about a young boy named Shikhar who is extremely addicted to the internet so much so that he would do anything to be able to get rid of it. That is when he comes across a person named Dr NET NOT, who promised to help him get there. And from then on, the story takes a completely different turn as this person takes him to a world where there is everything except the Internet. It talks about Shikhar’s life with and without the evil internet. It is up to the readers to judge and decide which life is better.

Was Shikhar successful in coming out of his internet addiction? How did his life changed after that? Was he still the same person that he used to be while he was addicted to internet or did he become a better version of himself. All these and several other questions has been answered in this book which would help readers to relate to themselves and compare if a life with internet is better or a life devoid of it.

What I like

The way such a sensitive and delicate issue has been handled in this book is certainly commendable. Though it was a very serious issue about which the author has written in the book, he didn’t forget to include a fair share of humor along with it and that is what I loved the most in this book.

What I didn’t like

A little bit more insight into the backgrounds of the characters would have helped in shaping up the story better. Also at times, it felt a bit common and monotonous but the author made up for the flaws with his strong and powerful message.


Each and every character is portrayed in a manner highly vivid thus aiding the readers in bringing them to life. Without much effort, the author has been successful in building up characters we could connect with emotionally, thus imagining them as one of us.


The narration is simple and without any unnecessary exaggeration. Throughout the book, the author maintained a very lucid narration which is quite easy for the readers to empathize with the protagonist.

Language & Grammar

Just like the narration, the language too is quite plain and simple thus helping the readers to comprehend what the author is trying to express. He has been successful in deciphering  a very strong and a positive message in his book.

My Final Verdict

I would definitely suggest this book to all the youths of our nation who are currently living in a make-believe world of their own. After reading this book, they might realize that it isn’t important to show the world if you are perfect and happy or not. What is important is if you yourself know it and that would be enough. Self love and self acceptance is something which we youngsters seems to have forgotten these days.

After reading this book, one would definitely start rethinking stuffs and start loving and accepting themselves for who they are in reality and not who they portray they are in a virtual reality.

Book Title:  4/5

Book Cover:  4.5/5

Plot: 4/5

Characters:  3.5/5

Narration:   3.5/5

Language & Grammar:  4/5

Final Rating:   4/5

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