Book Review: What Won’t Give You Your Dream Job by Roopesh Tiwari

Author: Roopesh Tiwari

Publisher: Notion Press (2019)

Total Pages: 300

Book Title: The book title is a little bit longer than usual which can be a turn-off for readers but one can also not neglect the clarity in it. It very clearly elucidates the subject of the book right away.The word ‘Dream Job’ has been highlighted in the whole book being its theme. 

Book cover: The book cover illustrates a job interview scene where in a candidate is being interviewed by three recruiters. It is very aptly going with the subject of this book. I personally liked the book cover because it also highlights the slight tension which we often find in an interview room. The cover itself describe the theme of the book which is the best part for any book. Its catchly and can attract any fiction book lover to try it once.

Plot: This book is definitely a must read for all the job aspirants out there irrespective of whether they are a fresher or an experienced candidate. When it comes to bagging the desired job, we very well know that only brushing up on our skills is never enough. There are a lot of other things which one needs to be very particular about, starting right from resume making to finally get the dream job. The book is very useful specially for youngsters who are looking for their dream job. 

It is a story of a young man who is in search of his dream job and through his story, the author takes us on a journey to the world of the recruitment process and shows us the nooks and corners of it. This book covers every aspect of a recruitment process which an aspiring job candidate must be aware of. Author Roopesh Tiwari has very well driven the ideas as per the need to of the theme. Roopesh has covered usual yet interesting facts of the life of any job seeking person. 

In fact, frankly speaking, the author has mentioned a few such secrets in his book which even I was never aware of. So it can be kind of an eye-opener as well for most of us. One can surely try this very new plot by an Indian author. 

What I like: Besides talking about the nitty-gritty of the recruitment process, the author also mentioned few aspects about those recruiters who go by their intuition while selecting a candidate and not just by the decided structured pattern. This would help readers who are also job aspirants to analyze the different mindsets of their recruiters which would aid in performing even better in an interview. A helpful and must read book crafted by Roopesh. So Kudos for that!

Characters: There aren’t too many characters in this book. The protagonist’s character has been portrayed quite vividly in the book which would help a young job aspirant to easily relate with him. Apart from his character, the way the other characters has been build up is also appreciable. Having less number of charcters in the book makes a reader comfortable and do not let readers to confuse with the plot. So author has taken this point in consideration and has focused on plot more than the characters. 

Narration: The narration was crisp and clear thus making it helpful for the readers to understand the author’s point of view. You will surely like the narrative way of author since its simple and he has also used very simple words which can be accepted by any reader. Just like the narration, the language too is quite plain and simple thus making comprehension easy for the readers.

Language & Grammer: ust like the narration, the language too is quite plain and simple thus helping the readers to comprehend what the author is trying to express. He has been successful in deciphering a very strong and a positive message in his book.

My Final Verdict: I would definitely suggest this book to everyone as in a competitive world like ours, where everyone is efficient enough to bag your dream job, this book is definitely a must. It would clear a lot of your doubts about the recruitment process, the HR’s mentality while recruiting and also what exactly goes on behind all the recruitment process. So according to me, its definitely a must read for everyone and especially for job aspirants.

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