Literaturepress: it was so good to come across your book Rubayata. Please tell me a little bit more about yourself.

Rubayata Umeed: Presently, I am a class 10 student. I am calm and peace loving. I love mathematics and social science. I also love drawing and painting. The games I love are cycling, badminton and kabaddi. My favorite country is Japan.   

Literaturepress:  that sounds so interesting. I would like to know that while growing up what was or what were your passions or did you have anything called passion which would keep you awake in the nights?

Rubayata Umeed: I really didn’t have a passion. I liked almost everything which I found interesting. 

Literaturepress:  I see Rubayata. So tell us the background of this story, like from where did the idea of this particular story came up?

Rubayata Umeed: The story just came up. I don’t know from where. It suddenly struck my mind that I could make story like this.

Literaturepress:  you have very nicely interwoven two completely contrasting plots in your book, i.e. Dream and Murder. Tell us a bit about how difficult it was in dealing with these two completely different emotions.

Rubayata Umeed:  It wasn’t that difficult but I had to keep in mind that the murder part got the character more close to his dream and not away from it.

Literaturepress:  who was or who were your biggest inspirations while growing up and why?

Rubayata Umeed:  My mother is my inspiration.

Literaturepress:  I see. So tell me a bit about the role of your parents in your upbringing. I would like to know how were as you as a child while growing up and what all values you imbibed and from whom?

Rubayata Umeed: My mom always supported me in my work. She never took my work for granted. She always loved me and helped me in my work. 

Literaturepress:  so coming to your writing. Congratulations first of all for becoming a published author. From when did you begin writing?

Rubayata Umeed: I used to write poems in beginning only for fun. However I used to play with my cousins something like a fantasy. I then started writing fantasies to role play with my cousins.

Literaturepress:  Did you always want to become a writer as a child. Was it a passion too?

Rubayata Umeed: No, I didn’t. I had no idea of becoming one.

Literaturepress:  Tell us a bit about the character ‘Alfresco’. From whom is this character inspired and why?

Rubayata Umeed:  Alfresco Keith is my book’s main character. He is a boy not very good at studies but someone with a rare quality of martial arts football. His father dies when he is just seven and he himself is only left eyewitness of the murder of his father. He lives with his grandma and mother. He loves them both and takes care of them. He is friendly with everyone, not to mention animals. He is good at heart and can’t bear the death of someone close.

The character isn’t inspired by anybody. But one can relate it to those who aren’t good at studies but are having some other talents. 

Literaturepress:  Did you take inspirations from real life heroes or footballers while penning this wonderful story?

Rubayata Umeed: As mentioned above my inspiration basically is from nobody. As far as footballers are considered I don’t know about anyone’s life story.

Literaturepress:  Tell us how difficult or easy it would be for you if your past comes in front of you either in the form of a person or a thing after many years. And how would you deal with it?

Rubayata Umeed: If a good memory past comes in front in any form it would be easy to deal. However a bad memory is difficult to tackle.

Literaturepress:  So any plans on a next book? If yes, what would it be about?

Rubayata Umeed: I am planning on one. It’s under editing right now.

Literaturepress: Any last message you would like to give us or your readers before signing off?

Rubayata Umeed: Only one thing “Just follows your dreams”.


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