Interview with Manjula Asthana Mahanti

literaturepress: The general notion goes that the poets are free. They enjoy the freedom to tell the Sun is cold and winter is warm! How do you see this freedom that poets enjoy?

Manjula: Poetry comes spontaneously. Poets are involved in their imaginations and presentations. During this, they may take some liberty but it is not a rule.

literaturepress: Please let us about your literary achievements so far.

Manjula: My first published book was a translation, “Abhishap Damini Ka ” of a much acclaimed book. Sanjha Sankalan with 6 poems and Short stories. (Hindi) Many poems and articles in different Anthologies (English) Many are upcoming too. Iztiraab” a gazal sangrah is launched recently.

literaturepress: For you, can poetry be practical? Or it is just the abstract?

Manjula: As I already told there is no fixed rule. That depends on the writer, how he wants to express himself! Both the styles are acceptable.

literaturepress: I would love to know if you could describe your journey as a poet and eventually to a poet-laureate. Like many other poets, do you also feel that poetry matures with the development of time?

Manjula: I’m happy and hoping to have a smooth journey as I have till now. Practise makes a man perfect. Wisely said. Same in the creative field. Poet grows and becomes more versatile with time, it’s natural.

literaturepress: When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Manjula: It is always difficult to specify the particular time, I had started scribbling  at very young age ,slowly it turned into proper writings., publishing too.

literaturepress: As a reader, which is your favourite genre of books? Is it poetry or novels?

Manjula: l like to read old classics most of the times.

literaturepress: Have any real life experience inspired you to write or you write randomly as a part of your hobby?

Manjula: Poetry cannot be separated from the life experiences and imaginations. They are inspirations and soul of the poem.

literaturepress: Do you have any books coming in the future? Please tell us something about your upcoming projects.

Manjula: Yes, my upcoming book is under publication. Namad. “Unnayan,” dealing with commen men’s life. Yes a book related to social subjects. Poetry cannot be separated from the life experiences and imaginations…  They are inspirations and soul of the poem.

literaturepress: Today, as we find every 3 out of ten writing poetry or prose, what’s your message to the newbies out there? What is the most important thing according to you to be a successful creative writer?

Manjula: I would like to say, only one thing.  be real, be patient, be original.

literaturepress: Being a poet, can you tell us what is the most important quality a poet should carry to become a well-known poet.

Manjula: Poets should be observative, expressive Truthful and real, they can’t cut themselves from the Society.

Thanks for this wonderful conversation, Wally! I look forward to more interaction with you in the future. All the best for your upcoming works as well!

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