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Author Aalok Kumar, born on Sep 1994 in Sasaram, Bihar passed college from SP Jain collage Sasaram. He is an Actor and Script Writer by profession and has done 4 short films for film festival and more than 10 plays so far, 3 short films as an actor and script writer and 1 film as an actor. His struggle to be an actor began in the 2012 when he had to attend the drama school.  Now he is settled in Mumbai and this is his first novel “Main Aur Meri Simran” as a novelist.  

Since childhood, he wanted to be an actor because he had a deep interest in acting. He used to imagine and pen down to his character, behaviour, emotions and all. Gradually, in his mind, stories started to born. Being an actor, he used to observe everything around the society and there were certain incidents which changed his life. This inspired Aalok to pen down it all in a book and then rest all is in front of the readers. His imaginations has taken the shape of book now.

Something About His Debut Novel

It is a Hindi novel titled “Main Aur Meri Simran”, which is a mysterious love story. Over all, it is totally fictitious but somewhere it goes around real incidents as well. Just for an instance, a Patna bomb blast in Bihar on 27 Oct. 2013 and there is another “Kosi River”, but the common people from Bihar usually call it “Shoke River”. Some incidents have been taken from the Ind-Pak partition of 1947. According to Aalok Kumar, it is just an imaginary thought of his mind which he has shaped in the story. The concept of entire story has been based on Bihar, UP, Punjab and Kashmir. The story goes till 2050 from 2013 where during these years, the story takes a little flashback on the partition time of 1947. While revealing some facts about the story, author Aalok says, “I belong to Bihar ‘Sasaram ‘ and at the age of 19, I was living in Patna to attend the drama school. Once upon a time, I was at the railway station to take the train for Patna, simultaneously I saw a beautiful girl who was blind actually and standing for the same purpose.” Aalok continued, “I tried many attempts to talk to her but didn’t have courage. But fortunately while reaching to Patna, I gotta a chance to talk to her and got to know her name “Simran”. We had just a casual talk which was not related to any friendship.” Next day, while returning to his hometown, a bomb blast was taken place in Gandhi Maidan. The situation and condition got dangerous and messed up. He was fond of perceiving the things that’s why he observed the whole incident. Suddenly, a flash came in his mind about “Simran” and thought, if I’d love her and we’d be here so what would happen? This was the main plot where Aalok started to write the novel.

Some Quick Questions to Aalok

What is your current goal in writing career?

Aalok:  I’ll write till my life.

Achievements so far?

Aalok:  4 short films and one book published…but above all, is my life’s experience. Thanks to the God.

What you love to write the most. What is your favourite genre in writing and reading?

Aalok:  Reality, Romance, Suspense and Mysterious, I love to read and write in these genres. I also love to read Munshi Premchand and William Shakespeare books the most.

Are you writing other books as well, let us know about the same.

Aalok:  Yes I am writing my second book, based on a Mysterious political drama.

Do you dedicate this success to someone? Who is your main inspiration behind writing?

Aalok:  To my mom, dad, grandfather and all family. My friends Harinder Harry, Birju Kumar and late Motilal singh. They always supported and inspired me to write.

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