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Book Title –  Fitting into Life

Author –Hasina Saiyeda

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Ratings – 4/5

Review byLiteraturepress

Book Title The title of the book ‘Fitting into Life’ is simple yet renders a variety of thoughts to the minds of the readers thus leaving them wondering once again about the several ways we often end up trying fitting into our respective lives. And we look the book cover portrays a girl standing with both arms opened wide proclaiming a sense of victory. It conveys a very positive and an uplifting message of someone who has been successful in achieving her desires and is now celebrating her win with utter joy.

Plot We live in a big bad world where we feel like everyone is out there to judge us no matter what. We keep trying day in and day out to fit in with the people around us, this world and ultimately into our own lives but the pressure inside our minds is usually way more destructive than the pressure outside. The question is if the world around us is really as evil as we feel or is it all in our minds? Ritabhari, a 25 year old young girl is no different from any of us millennial who are here to live our life on our own terms yet we are always in a constant struggle trying to fit in with everything around us. She too just like all of us was trying the same but there was a slight contrast, i.e. she was having some mental disorder which didn’t let her live a normal life like me and you. Her mental traumas started snatching everything away from her one at a time, her job, her love, her friends and even her life when she was about to commit suicide.

Just when she was on the verge of ending her life and everything in it, she received a phone call from a long lost friend after almost eight long years. She was more surprised than happy and the incidents which followed thereafter totally changed her life.

The story took a complete U-turn right after the suicide incident and the phone call from her friend. Was she saved from committing the suicide after the phone call or she tried repeating that again? Was she finally able to overcome her mental disorder and fit into her life with everyone around her? Was she being able to overcome all her fears and accept herself fully for the person that she was from within? All these questions and many more has been answered in a very subtle yet simple manner leaving the readers thinking for a long time even after finishing the book.

Characters Each and every character is portrayed in a manner highly vivid thus aiding the readers in bringing them to life. Without much effort, the author has been successful in building up characters we could connect with emotionally, thus imagining them as one of us.

Narration The narration is simple and without any unnecessary exaggeration. Throughout the book, the author maintained a very lucid narration which is quite easy for the readers to empathize with the protagonist.

Language & Grammar Just like the narration, the language too is quite plain and simple thus helping the readers to comprehend what the author is trying to express. There was no usage of any unnecessary verbose or flowery language but a language which is simple for readers of all genres to connect with has been used throughout the book. She has been successful in deciphering  a very strong and a positive message in his book.

My Final Verdict I would definitely suggest this book to anyone who is going through a rough patch in life and needs a little push to get going. We often lose the track of our lives due to one or more silly reasons so much so that we end up taking a wrong decision and finish our lives once and for all. We often forget that nothing last forever. After reading this book, one would start focusing more on the positive aspects of life and believe that nothing last forever, whether good or bad and after every storm, the Sun would rise again with all its shine! All in all, it is a highly motivating story of hope and determination which we often lack. So it is a good read for anyone who wants a little encouragement and a whole lot of optimism.

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