Book Title: The title has been very skillfully coined in order to entice the readers towards the book just from the name itself. Also the tagline ‘Dream, Football, Alfresco’is very apt and catchy. 

Book Cover: It takes a lot of effort to choose a cover which goes well with the title and this book did full justice to it. I totally like how the word ‘ZERO’ has been designed with a football in place of the ‘O’. It would attract the attention of the readers towards the book all the more. 

Plot: Dream is one thing and Football is another but in few countries, these two are often interlinked and we would very easily find at least one person among ten, nursing a passion for games such as cricket and football. 

Alfresco Keith like many other youths of our country had a burning passion for football and a skill which was extremely rare. While growing up, he was prone to a very unique fear which was the fear of Zeroes. What exactly is this fear of Zeroes? Did it exist before? How many people deals with it in a day? Why didn’t I ever hear of it? 

Yes these were just few of the many questions which sprang up in my mind the moment I read the back cover of this book but I didn’t expect it to be revealed to me so beautifully but this book proved me wrong. It did give me an explanation to those and many other similar questions which were relatable with minute details. 

In spite of having a fear towards ‘Zero’, his skill helped him master all his strengths thus focusing least on his shortcomings and soon he came to be called as the ‘Champion Zero’ thus soaring at the height of his career with flying colors. However it is said, fame and success often comes with a big price and Alfresco too had to pay a huge price with the death of a much loved one from years ago still following him. 

Now it was up to Alfresco to decide what he would chose to follow next-the quest of the murderers or the goal of becoming one of the biggest Football star? The choice was his but it wasn’t an easy choice to make. 

The book is interwoven with a lot of suspense as to who the murderer was and why he committed the crime. Also at the same time the question was how Alfresco would manage when it comes to the two most important decisions of his life, i.e. to find the murderer or just go with his goal? 

The way the suspense has been build up in the novel especially in the end is highly nerve wracking. It kept me hooked on to the book till the very end as I had to know whether Alfresco lost in the game of life or won by fulfilling his biggest dream which was to become the football champion. 

Characters: Each and every character has been portrayed very vividly thus helping the readers to relate to each of them very easily. The characters weren’t very complex nor extremely plain thus keeping a balance which would otherwise have been difficult for the readers to link the several incidents in the book with the people experiencing those. 

Narration: The narration too like the language was fine without any unnecessary exaggeration. The suspense part was extremely well narrated with a very unique choice of words thus keeping the readers hooked on till the very last page and leaving them wanting for more. 

My Final Verdict: With twist and turns highly subtle was weaved stories of passion and revenge which would put courage at the hearts of even the weakest. I would totally suggest this book to every one as it not only talks about dreams and how we can achieve them by focusing more on our strengths but also shows the harsh reality of life with which one often needs to deal. On the path to fame and success, we often forget everything behind but life doesn’t work that way always. It has its own roles to play thus tangling us in our own trap or maybe in something worse. 

This book is one of the finest mix of suspense, thrill, dreams, passions and a story which needs to be read and felt even after years to come by.

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