Book Review: The Labyrinth of Clouds

The Labyrinth of Clouds is a poetry book written by Nalini Dhiman. The name indicates an entanglement of clouds such as a meandering maze where the author needs to find her way out. The choice of words as the title can be linked to the author’s fascination with clouds. Her phone’s gallery is full of photographs of different formations of clouds that she sees.

We all feel lost sometimes and yearn to find our way out of the messy tunnels. Sometimes, we feel lost even the places we love the most. For the author, she uses clouds as an image of how lost she feels even in the world she has created for herself, a world she loves.

This book ranges from Odes to imagery poetry, motivating to demotivating poetry. Reading the words is easy but what matters is reading between the lines because every poet hides meaning behind the words. Thus, The Labyrinth of Clouds is a book that shows how confusing everything can be, but in the end, what matters is the appreciation of love in life and finding one’s purpose.

We all have our own share of good days as well as the bad ones. We all have our own fair share of happiness as well as gloom but what stays constant in this ever so changing world is ‘Us’.

Life as we all know is a beautiful puzzle where each block needs to be fitted perfectly in order to emerge as a winner but more than often we engulf ourselves in a confusion failing miserably. Is life all about winning and losing? Is life all about gain and loss? The answer to this question has been interwoven wonderfully in this book called ‘The Labyrinth of Clouds’ by Nalini Dhiman where she explains how life is all about decoding the puzzle yet enjoying it, feeling lost in it yet never losing faith in it.

When it comes to poetry books, I am usually very picky but this one was different.  Right from the cover page and the title, I could connect with this book. The word Labyrinth did make me wonder how we all remain lost in our own world of thoughts and imaginations, how we cocoon ourselves into our own mind which projects emotions like the threads in the clouds. In about 110 pages, the poet has beautifully projected her thoughts and emotions in this book revealing her heart to the core.

It shows the myriad layers of the poet’s heart which thinks like us, imagines like us and dreams just like any one of us yet it is unique in its own way. Aren’t we the entire same, one among the crowd lost in our own world of confusion yet different and special in our own unique ways. After reading this book, one would realize how the journey is more important than the destination, how solving our own puzzle in the end is what it takes and really matters in the end.

Adding to the refined theme of this book is the excellent and rich vocabulary which the poet has wonderfully used to keep the readers connected and leave them wondering at the same time. There were varieties of poems like the sad ones as well as the happy ones, the positive ones as well as the negative poems yet each one of them had a different story to tell. And that what I believe is  the USP of this book.

If you are also a poetry lover like me but also a very picky one, than this one fits your need. It has the right blend of imaginations which is not lost in excessive verbose but is enriched in pure expressions. These qualities are something to be looked out for in a poet and after reading this book, I can say that the poet is extremely adept at writing and taking her readers to a labyrinth of imaginations but also helping their way out of the clouds thus finding the light!

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Review By: Criticpsace

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