Author Says:
I have been always in a struggle in my own self, to seek to know myself, in that journey, I have totally in the highest realm to fight my own battle with my oneself, in avid tendency to bring myself align to the compass norms in the format I exist. I have always had to confront in high respect to justify my own existence to my own self first before, I could let myself to know others to me. In this pursuit, I do have to confront proposition in the highest realms. And as much as highest of the propensities I do had to face, I do have to justify my reasoning more on to that, in this pursuit, my writing helps me to solicit my views to mirror myself with my feelings, to let me know more of myself, and in course I understood that, in the travel of knowing myself, and bringing out the aspects by the writings, I realized that the thoughts that had been sculpted into writings are getting illuminated and turning on to the beings of light (Babi). and take the form of an anthology of poems with a subtitle name 49pa which is a unique code of my beloved friend at a distance who inspired me in all the constraints and sacrifice in bravery to fall in love in manifesting love, with directing and bringing love with love to love in love of love.

Suryasri: Welcome to our blog, sir. Please let our readers know about yourself.

Author: I am a workaholic person with the loving hobby of reading the writing and researching more on my basis of understanding myself more in bringing finesse of self as possible. 

Suryasri: So what made you start writing in the first place?

Author: Though writing is my culture and when in this I started infusing philosophy I made to discover a sensible way of writing and thus started writing out bringing the message of love and knowledge.

Suryasri: Why poetry?

Author: Poetry has got all the license to use the barriers expansions of knowledge culture and bring out the meaning of the lengthy text in a compact format.

Suryasri: Was it always a childhood dream to pursue writing or you do this just as a hobby?

Author: Exactly It is my childhood charisma to write; especially to write in the heart by the heart.

Suryasri: Is poetry your passion?

Author: Not exactly, but like and prefer poetry more with respect to other contexts.

Suryasri: How did the idea of Babie came up?

Author: Babie was my daughter who is no more therefore on her memory I dedicated this book.

Suryasri: I really liked the title of the book. Is there any backstory to the title?

Author: It is to dedicate my daughter who is no more with us in love transfer bonding in love indeed to distribute love.

Suryasri: Which one is your favorite poem among the poems in your book?

Author: My favorite poem is Poem no. 43; page 2Eight Sa Vidya ya Vimuktaya.

Suryasri: How do you react to readers criticism and people not liking your poems ?

Author: I react positively to learn from them(critics) their views because I believe they help in more bringing the brilliance in the stone sparkle and welcome them in every respect.

Suryasri: Any special inspiration or incident for writing?

Author: Inspiration are always loved content medium when in some subject you need to love what that is not loving and prove the mechanism of love to be true solemnly,and bring out the virtue of Daughter loss pain to dedicate her, in some subtle means: only that process in Inspiration itself; where you learn to love, teach to love, and to fabricate the atmosphere of love in loving virtue.

Suryasri: Do you want to pursue this love for writing and poetry in the coming days as well?

Author: Indeed.

Suryasri: So what’s your next book?

Author: Yet planning but thinking to write a novel.

Suryasri: By when can we expect your next book if any?

Author: That depends on my time feasibility management, but yet I am targeted to write more and more in the coming years.

Suryasri: Thanks, author. Nice talking to you. Wish you a great literature career.

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