Interview with Nalini Dhiman

Interview Questions Interview: It was great reading your book Nalini. Please tell me a bit more about yourself. Nalini Dhiman: I'm a fifteen year old high school student. I'll be turning sixteen the following month. I am into reading novels and poetry; I love gaming, and enjoy travelling as well. I've been into writing as... Continue Reading →

Interview with Author Hasina Saiyeda

Literaturepress: First of all, many many congratulations Hasina for your book. It was a wonderful read. So tell us a little bit more about you. Hasina Saiyeda: I am a Computer Science Engineer with a passion of writing. I write since a long time and aim to write more. Currently I am based in Kolkata... Continue Reading →

Author Aalok Kumar | Author Story

Author Aalok Kumar, born on Sep 1994 in Sasaram, Bihar passed college from SP Jain collage Sasaram. He is an Actor and Script Writer by profession and has done 4 short films for film festival and more than 10 plays so far, 3 short films as an actor and script writer and 1 film as... Continue Reading →

Interview with Manjula Asthana Mahanti

literaturepress: The general notion goes that the poets are free. They enjoy the freedom to tell the Sun is cold and winter is warm! How do you see this freedom that poets enjoy? Manjula: Poetry comes spontaneously. Poets are involved in their imaginations and presentations. During this, they may take some liberty but it is... Continue Reading →


Roopesh Tiwari is a qualified human resource professional and a thorough HR practitioner. In the last two decades, he received opportunities to work in various fields of human resources, especially recruitment and selection. Roopesh was educated in some of the best academic institutions in India. He completed his schooling at Mahanagar Boys Inter College, Lucknow.... Continue Reading →


NAME: Kshama Rao BOOK: Forever GENRE: Fiction PUBLISHER: Rigi Publications, 2019 BIRTH PLACE: Mangalore, India INTERESTS: Reading books, art, music, theatre, cooking, writing, sightseeing, gardening, craft, shopping, fashion, dance, making new friends etc. INTERVIEWER: Many congratulations on your wonderful book Forever, Kshama Rao Ji! What response are you getting on your maiden work from the... Continue Reading →

Interview with Author Avik Gangopadhyay

Interview:  It was great to come across your book Avik. So please tell me a little bit more about yourself. Author Avik: Thank you. Nice to be connected. Well, I am an Indian author, based in Kolkata, having 30 published books in English and Bengali. My uncommon treatment and interdisciplinary approach to Aesthetics and Theories... Continue Reading →

Interview with Niranjan N

Interview: It was really my good luck to have come across your book Niranjan. Please tell me a little bit more about yourself? Niranjan N: I am a Rebound Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer.  I strongly believe in “Challenging one’s limits rather than be limited by challenges”. I have been an effective and... Continue Reading →

Interview with Author Soham Mukharjee

Interview: My first question to you is about your selection of plot. How exactly you thought of writing this bookThe Call of Bliss? Soham Mukharjee: Frankly, since my book is not a novel but a collection of short stories, there is no one plot. But there is a connecting theme. That theme is the desire... Continue Reading →

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